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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


LoserswithSocks has this great picture of the Rock that sits on the University of Tennessee campus right next to the athletic center where all the football players study. This should do wonders for their recruiting...

Fulmer: "Son, we would love to have you here to enjoy our redneck anthem and our beautiful women while you play in front of 100,000 plus of the best fans in the world."

Recruit: "Sounds great Fat Phil, can I please have a bite of my sandwich now?"

Fulmer: "Oh yeah, sorry, I get hungry when I recruit. Actually I get hungry when I breathe. Let me show you our Athletic Center and our lovely rock of unification!"

Recruit: "Oh, you talking about that one over there?"

Fulmer: "Motherfucker! Best fans my ass!"


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If you want to know just how embarrassingly good the talent is on the USC football field just take a look at the revised QB and RB depth chart. QB Garrett Green was just promoted to #2 QB behind Mark Sanchez for the Thursday night battle against Oregon State.

This means Aaron Corp is now 3rd string and 5 star prospect/Arkansas transfer Mitch Mustain now sits at the bottom of the totem pole at 4th string. I can't recall a situation where a 5 star QB who started 8-0 his true freshman season while playing in the SEC conference is now collecting the most splinters while riding the pine as the last possible guy to replace Sanchez. And to think that Mustain's mother couldn't wait to get her son out of Arkansas during his freshman season because her son wasn't starting at the end of the year. You have to wonder what Mustain thinks now as he stands and holds a clipboard knowing that Sanchez still has another year of eligibility after this season if he doesn't go pro and #1 incoming recruit Matt Barkley ready to join the Trojans in the spring to battle for snaps behind the center.

At running back 5 star prospect Marc Tyler can't even make the travel squad to Oregon State as a redshirt freshman. It is true Tyler had a horrific leg injury during his senior year in high school that required him to redshirt and rehab during his freshman season but he appears to be on the mend and ready to go and yet he still can't sniff a chance at carrying the rock. The same goes with Broderick Green, a 4 star prospect and highly regarded back from Arkansas. He can't even make the travel squad for the Oregon State game.

It is almost sickening how much talent and depth the Trojans carry into every game and yet they managed to lose to Stanford last season at home while the Cardinal had their 3rd string QB playing. Now that is funny and another reason why the media and fans need to stop thinking the Trojans are just going to walk through their schedule and play for the BCS Championship. I fell for it last year thinking they might be the best team ever with all their elite senior talent and depth on both sides of the ball and yet they lost two PAC-10 games and barely squeezed into the Rose Bowl.

In other words FUSC and all their riches of football talent and beaches and pretty California girls with their perfect bodies and tans. They can be themselves.

The FUSC shirt is available here. Wear it with pride and get it now before Mitch Mustain's mommy buys them all.