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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Crush Davis Hits a Towering Home Run, Given Silent Treatment from Teammates

Last season Baltimore Orioles slugger Chris "Crush" Davis hit a staggering 53 homers in a break out season that earned him top 3 MVP votes.  This season Davis has been struggling with the long balls.  He had 7 going into last night at the 1/3 season mark.  After hitting a towering ball in the right field bleacher seats in Arlington last night you would think his teammates would be excited to see Crush break out of his mini slump.  They gave him the silent treatment.  Davis would not be shown up though as he gave his air high fives to his imaginary teammates.  Take that assholes!

O's won their 4th straight.  I'm still holding out hope the O's beat the Dodgers in the World Series as I predicted before the season started.  They need to make a trade for another starter (Jeff Samardzija please) and get Matt Wieters back from injury and they should be fine.  They got this!