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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Koji Uehara Goes Pearl Harbor on Shane Victorino

I hope the Flyin' Hawaiian is okay after taking this blindsided high five from teammate Koji Uehara. I haven't seen that kind of surprise on a Hawaiian's face since Ben Affleck died in that awful Pearl Harbor movie. I'm kind of disappointed Koji didn't scream "BONSAI!" right before slapping Victorino. You gotta do it to keep up team morale right?  It's the American way after all or something like that.

Fun fact: I had no idea Uehara was still in the league.  He was one of my favorite Orioles a few years ago because he always seemed like a big team guy whether starting or coming out of the bullpen.  But what makes him a legend in Baltimore is he got traded to the Rangers for Tommy Hunter and some 25-year-old slugger Chris Davis.  Yes the same Chris Davis who leads the majors in home runs and extra base hits.  And now Hunter is the best arm out of the bullpen for the O's.  Not a bad trade at all for the Orioles.  Laughs maniacally.

Michael Bourn With The Charity Homer For Miguel Cabrera

Seriously Michael Bourn. I don't think the Triple Crown winner needs any more help. Hey we all fuck up here and there. It's just part of the game. But this was almost up there with Jose Canseco taking a header for a homer in terms of fuck ups. Laugh all you want Bourn but coach Lou Brown is not going to put up with this shit much longer.

This Deer vs Bus Video is Priceless

The dubbing in with sound is perfect. This is a 5 star Youtube video if I have ever seen one.