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Monday, May 16, 2011

Brodie Smith is the Frisbee Trick Shot King

Seeing Brodie Smith make amazing frisbee trick shots at the University of Florida is like looking at myself in the mirror...after about drinking 12 beers. Beer goggles makes everything more tolerable. Including my face.

Video HT via Dave

Taj Gibson with the facial on Dwayne Wade

Before the Bulls-Heat series begun I made a little bet that the Heat would win the series in 6 games. After watching the Chicago Bulls just dismantle the Heat last night I'm not so sure this series even makes it to 6 games. The Bulls looked incredible in the second half. The fire and the emotion in Chicago was something I hadn't personally seen since Jordan was wagging the tongue. As a Hawks fan I find it almost impossible to root for either one of these teams but after seeing Gibson soar over Wade I can't help myself. I'm rooting for the Bulls. Fuck.

Eric Berry and CJ Spiller trying to be funny

I don't even know what to really say about this. Are Eric Berry and CJ Spiller trying to be funny? This has the feel of a Dane Cook "comedy special." It's neither comedic or special unless you enjoy eating paint chips. Seriously the NFL Lockout needs to end. With OchoCinco being thrown off a bull and Tommy Z knocking out tomato cans in boxing and now these horrible Adidas Ads it's time to get the football players back to what they do best: going bankrupt within 3 years.

Houston We Have a Problem: The Great Fan Escape

Last Friday in Houston's Enron Field (see what I did there?) in the bottom of the ninth in a tight game with Carlos Lee (best MLB contract ever) at the plate some fan did the unthinkable. Not only was it caught on tape but the fan actually managed to elude security while jumping over the centerfield wall and then climbing like SuperMan to his escape.

Give that fan a contract!