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Saturday, July 09, 2011

David Ortiz is still a pussy and still on roids

I've been getting emails left and right about my thoughts on this "fight" in which no actual punches were landed. The Red Sox were again kicking the shit out of the Orioles thanks to an 8 run first inning. They were up 10-3 in the 8th inning and the game was in hand. Baltimore reliever Kevin Gregg who doesn't have the best of control to begin with decides to pitch to the inside of the plate. David Ortiz, or Big Pussy as everyone calls him, took umbrage because god forbid a pitch might actually hit him. Apparently the Dominican Shrek thinks anything thrown near his ogre ass is like pissing in his coffee. It's part of the fucking game. Gregg has as much right to the inside of the plate as you do you fucking Mongoloid. If anybody needed proof that Ortiz is back on the juice then all you need to do is see this roid rage episode. Was Gregg wrong for yelling at him to run the bases when he hit the lazy pop fly? Oh yeah. That's Terry Francona's job. But if you are going to charge the mound and try to "fight" why don't you actually try to land something instead of playing tummy sticks with Gregg.

I always suspected Ortiz was a fraud. This only helped seal the deal. The guy needs help. He needs to be tested and clearly he has problems if he is roid raging on the last place Orioles over some pitches near his shriveled up mansack. Anything less than an 8 game suspension just proves the MLB caters to those Massholes.