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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Philanthropy with Vinnie Verno: Week 12 Picks

Tulsa -13.5
Troy -10.5
Wisconsin -14
Clemson -7.5
Vanderbilt -1

I like all 5 of Vinnie picks. All of those picks are for teams that are playing godawful teams. It's basically betting on the less shitty team which in Vegas should win you money. Granted they got to cover but we aren't talking huge spreads here. For the first time all season I'm taking every single one of the somber Vinnie picks.


South Park Annihilated Penn State Last Night

"Penn State likes being down at halftime because they like to feel a little behind in the locker room."

"Now listen, you're going to be put into a foster home so I need to know, would you like to go to Neverland Ranch, the Catholic church, or Penn State University?"

"Now listen, you can't just turn all your frustrations on a little kid who can't defend himself! What do you think this is, the shower room at Penn State?"

"Here's a joke. Joe Paterno doesn't walk in to a police station."

"We’ve embarrassed the system and made it something nobody wants to be a part of! It’s like a Penn State homecoming party!"