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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The new Adidas commercial has Notre Dame in it...not Michigan

Sorry Michigan. You couldn't cut it for the newest Adidas commercial. I think I saw a quick glance of a Wolverines helmet in there. Unfortunately it was when Notre Dame tight end Kyle Rudolph was reaching for the goal line and Michigan defenders were dropping like flies. Sucks to be a Wolverine.

Snoop Dogg killed it and The Situation bombed at the Roast of Donald Trump

It wasn't the same without Greg Giraldo there but the Roast of Donald Trump had some knockdown laugh out loud moments. One of the best was Snoop Dogg just straight out killing it. Who knew Snoop could be so fucking funny? Snoop's Jeffrey Ross jokes were hysterical. It was great to see him tear up The Situation. I know a lot of people love The Jersey Shore but I personally think it is one of the worst shows ever. It's not even remotely funny. It's just a bunch of talentless redneck guidos doing laundry. Great concept.

Here is the Situation trying to act funny and in the process his 15 minutes just ran out.


The smooth and soulful Nate Dogg passed away yesterday at the age of 41. Regulators was his major hit back in the mid 90's and it was one of those tunes you couldn't get out of your head. The flow and melody to the song was G-Funk like. Just listening to it now makes me want to roll a fatty, kick back and reflect on life.

R.I.P Nate Dogg