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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Boston Fans are very hospitable to the Canadians

Why no free health care jokes? What about their beady eyes? Come on Bahston. You can do better.

Inspirational words from Kenny Powers

“Some people say Kenny Powers is a woman-hater. That's not true; I love women - every f**kin' one of 'em. Even the ugly-as-sh*t ones. But don't ask me to trust 'em, even nuns, because every pair of tits comes with a gaping hole of need that even Kenny Powers can't fill.” – Kenny Powers

Gary Neal doesn't need no stinkin' replay

San Antonio Spurs reserve Gary Neal came up huge last night with the game and the series on the line with this huge 3 pointer to tie the game and send it to overtime. The Spurs went on to win the game and extend the series to a Game 6. I missed this game because I was too busy taking a shit. Seriously. Tornados are scary and the safest place is your bathroom from what I have heard.

Tuscaloosa Tornado barely avoids Bryant-Denny Stadium

Tuscaloosa Tornado (4/26/2011)

While we were bunkered out in our neighbor's basement yesterday the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, AL took a direct hit from a major tornado. Luckily the ghost of Bear Bryant wouldn't let mother nature destroy Alabama's football stadium. Bryant-Denny Stadium was spared but a ton of others weren't so lucky. If you would like to help the Red Cross in response to the devastating tornados that swept through the Southeast yesterday by donations go to this link.