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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tennessee and Adidas Reveal New Vols TECHFIT Uniform

This will be the first and probably only time you ever hear these words come out of my mouth when it comes to a Tennessee Volunteers football uniform: I like them. In fact I think these should become their permanent uniforms. The black/charcoal color looks really good. I know the Volunteers faithful are religious demigods about their helmet but if they could have made those matte black with the orange T popping on them then it would have been absolute perfection.

Brian Kelly Leads Running Back Cam McDaniel Into a Hilarious Fail Moment

Poor Cam McDaniel. The third string tailback had to be the first to run into the backwards gauntlet sled after head coach Brian Kelly yelled "NO, IT'S NOT BACKWARDS!"

You can see Kelly trying to withhold his laughter after he realizes he fucked up. Luckily McDaniel wasn't hurt. His ego on the other hand?

Atlanta Braves Bat Boy Handles The Real Thing

A live bat landed in the infield last night during yet another Phillies ass whooping by the hands of the Atlanta Braves at the Ted. Infielder Paul Janish scooped up Bruce Wayne fearlessly and delivered him to the bat boy. The bat boy then proceeds to take the bat into the Braves dugout and like a breaking curveball Dan Uggla totally flinches as usual.

Michigan State Pulls The Fake Mannequin On It's Players and Coaches, Hilarity Ensues

I guess the Spartans forgot that whole "coach Mark Dantonio had a heart attack" issue from a couple of seasons ago because holy shit they pulled a fast one on him. Luckily for Michigan State he took it like a good sport and didn't drop dead on the spot. That would have been awkward.