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Monday, November 24, 2008


My weekend actually started off this past Thursday with a trip down to Georgia Tech for the Miami game. I didn't have any tickets but if you have ever been to game at Bobby Dodd you should know it's as easy as getting a STD in Atlanta as it is getting tickets. Tailgating with a couple of buddies and enjoying some cold Bud Lights I really had no idea what to expect for the game. The Hurricanes seemed to be playing well of late and the Yellow Jackets can run the ball like there is no tomorrow but would they be able to against a pretty athletic Canes defense?

Sure as shit they did to the tune of 472 yards and completely shutting up the stupid Miami fans real quick. We of course were shocked they didn't all have flat screen televisions in their hands and gold chains around their necks with their hats tugged to the side.

Of course I got into the game for only $10. I have come to the conclusion that I will never buy a sporting event ticket for face value ever again. In this current economy you can buy tickets off scalpers for next to nothing. The Tech crowd was loud and into the game from the very beginning and it is an awesome sight to see a college team actually be able to rush the ball effectively(still waiting for ND) and pressure the QB(still waiting for ND to do this too). The beer was plentiful and the crowd was again filled with Nerds who loved their Johnson. The only thing that sucks about college games is they don't sell beer at the stadium. It's too bad because they are literally missing out on millions of revenue dollars that could go to the school. But yeah, beer makes you stupid and we shouldn't condone it.

On Friday night I decided to catch my first Atlanta Hawks game this season with the wife. It was as cold as Charlie Weis' smile outside but inside Philips Arena it was as dark as his belly button if you catch my drift. I'm just kidding, there were some Albinos other than me and my wife. Philips was empty for the most part but we got in the lower deck, about 20 rows up from the court for only $15 a ticket. Again, never pay face value for tickets to sporting events. We of course snuck into those seats by simply walking up to them and sitting down. No one questioned our motives and the crowd, although lacking in numbers, was loud and boisterous and the Hawks held on to beat the Charlotte Hornets/Bobcats. The Hawks have a legitimate shot of winning the Eastern Conference this year too. They almost beat the Celtics last year in the playoffs and their team is much better this season as their starting five can play with anybody in my opinion and their bench is whole lot better.

On Saturday I don't remember much except for Notre Dame shitting the bed again against a terrible Syracuse team and blacking out from rage and depression. How in the hell Notre Dame blew a double digit lead again in the second half is beyond me? The team has no emotion and even Golden Tate and Sam Young stated it after the game. If only ND had 22 Golden Tates out there who actually bust their ass and try to win at all costs. This team is "fucking pathetic" and "soft" and "doesn't deserve the right to wear the interlocking ND on their chests" were just some of the thoughts coming out of my head as I watched them self destruct again on Senior Day no less.

Sunday was much more enjoyable as I got to go to my first Falcon's game at the Georgia Dome. I was completely wrong about Matt Ryan. The kid is an absolute stud and already knows how to pick apart a good defense as the Falcons crushed the Carolina Panthers 45-28. The tickets were free because my buddy Jonathan got them for us and we did some good tailgating with some other friends including one of my best buds in Chuck who just recently got engaged. Yes, another one bites the dust. One of the best part of a friend's engagement is the eventual bachelor party in Vegas. I literally can't wait for that although it's only a couple of months till I'm in Vegas with the wife and some friends during the NFL playoffs.

So there you go. If a year ago you would have told me Notre Dame would be 6-5 with their cupcake schedule and Matt Ryan would have the Falcons at 7-4 and being the overwhelming favorite to win the Rookie of the Year I would have called you insane. If you want the home team or Notre Dame to win just invite me to a game. The Irish have had 15 years of shit yet they haven't lost a game I have personally attended since 1990. I went to the Michigan and Navy games this year and cancelled out on the North Carolina game at last notice because of money issues and you see what happened there.

So in other words if there are any Georgia fans who want to win this weekend against the Yellur Jackets then give me a ticket and I will make the trip up to Athens. I will bring booze and a Bulldogs win. You win either way. You can reach me by email at


You may have remembered a while back Patrick Roy's Jonathan son who just happened to be a goalie like his dad got into a fight with the other goalie and severely beat the hell out of him even though the other goalie had no intentions of fighting. He eventually was charged with assault from the beating during the Junior Hockey League game. Well, apparently Roy's other son Frederick is a Grade A asshole too. Here he is giving a classic stick to the face to his opponent during a fight. Those Roy's are classy fellas...

Video HT: FanIQ via Going Five Hole