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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It has been way overdue but we finally came out with a shirt that basically gives the old FU to the BCS. The BC$ Bowl Corrupt System t-shirt is designed to let everyone know how you feel about the BCS. This shirt is charcoal and the design is distressed/worn to give it a vintage look and feel. Spread the word Sportscrack heads about the new shirt, they are on sale now starting at a low price of $15.

The deal hasn't been finalized but it is being reported the Detroit Tigers and the Florida Marlins have agreed to a deal in place that would send All-Stars Cabrera and Willis for young studs Cameron Maybin, Andrew Miller, and four other prospects.

Wow, this would make the Tigers on par with the Red Sox in my opinion.

I will have more on this trade later if in fact it is true and not some Peter Gammons/Buster Olney BS fluff we get every year.

UPDATE: It's being reported as a done deal now on ESPN. Excellent trade for both teams and indeed an enormous blockbuster pulled off finally. Makes you wonder what the Angels are going to do now? Rumored to be close to making a deal for Cabrera for some of their hot shot prospects, it would seem they would give the Baltimore Orioles a call now for pitcher Erik Bedard and Miguel Tejada. If the Angels offer SS Brandon Wood, SP Jered Weaver, SP Nick Adenhart, and C Jeff Mathis I think the O's would make the deal.

Our favorite New Yorker, Carl, is back and ready to let you know what he thinks about the Buckeyes, or Suckeyes as he says...

Breaking Carl's Sanity.

Wow, last night was one of the most entertaining Monday Night Football games I have ever watched. I was pulling hard for the Ravens to close it out but I had this feeling the Patriots were going to win it in the end because God loves anything associated with Boston right now. Anywho, the Raven's defense was playing with more intensity than a room full of deranged monkeys pumped with speed and banana peels.

Clutching, screaming, cursing, holding, spitting. It was all there to be watched on a frigid night in Charm City. Pretty boy Tom Brady was getting more frustrated than the first time he found out Giselle had a dick. Seriously people, she has an adam's apple bigger than her balls.

But to top it all off Raven's linebacker Bart Scott went completely berserk on one of the referees. Apparently the ref called teammate Samari Rolle a "boy" and this set off Scott.

Asked about his meltdown on national television which accumulated more than 30 yards in penalties, Scott had this to say about the refereeing...

I've been having some technical problems with my DSL modem. By technical I mean the stupid thing is not working and I'm about to go ape shit on it soon. I got a lot of things to say about the Monday Night meltdown by the Baltimore Ravens, the latest Hot Stove talk, and wanted to express my love and desire to marry the BCS so I could constantly be fucked over every year.

But until I get Bellsouth to get their lazy asses out here to fix it then I'm pretty much screwed. I'm typing this in a Kinko's right now, next to a man who looks like he loves little boys. And no, I'm not looking at the mirror right now assholes!

Here is a visual of how confused my modem is right now...

UPDATE: I just found out it wasn't my modem alone with problems with connecting. is reporting there was an outage throughout the Southeast...

AT&T Inc. customers in the Southeast United States were unable to connect to the Internet through their DSL service for several hours Monday night because of an equipment problem, a company spokesman said.

I wonder if they will refund me some money back for emotional distress? Emotional distress is guy code for less alone time with internet porn.