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Monday, July 29, 2013

Johnny Football Smoked Some Weed, Drank Some Beers, and Got Kicked Out of a Texas Frat This Weekend

All in all I would say it was a just a normal summer weekend for any college student. Except the guy in the pink shirt getting thrown out of an University of Texas frat party doesn't go to school there. In fact he plays for a hated rival. He also owns a Heisman Trophy and comes from an extremely rich family. So while everybody is putting the microscope on Johnny Manziel he is still out living his life. One beer pong, one bong toke at a time.

Winning. Except I'm not sure the Johnny Football nickname is appropriate anymore. Manziel has been all about NOT football since their bowl game when they absolutely trucked the shit out of Oklahoma. He's Johnny Hangover. Johnny Drama. Johnny I might be losing millions in NFL signing bonus money because I can't keep my fucking nose clean.

Whatever. Roll on playa. We are just here to watch the shitshow for all it's glory. It's like watching a real life sequel to The Program and Manziel is doing his best Joe Kane impression.

Beer pong and Bong Rip pictures from BarStool Sports