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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Don't Drink and Dive

I had no idea you could be knocked out by water. I guess you learn something new every day.

Drunk girl + water= knock out

Tom Brady cried when he found out Pia was eliminated from American Idol

It's okay Tom Brady. Pia Toscano will land back on her feet. She's too talented and good looking to let one little elimination on national television bring her down. We will get through this Brady. Now hold me. No. Down there.

Brilliant video via

Charlie Weis is looking good in Gator colors

The tucked in polo with the jorts is making a comeback. Well actually it never left Gainesville. I got to hand it to new offensive coordinator Charlie Weis. He can pull it off. Unfortunately for the Florida football program Weis appearance isn't the only embarrassing sight on campus. The Florida offense with senior QB/huge disappointment John Brantley looked absolutely horrendous during their spring game. It took Brantley a while just to complete a pass. Like over a quarter. Brantley's performance during the Orange and Blue scrimmage didn't exactly bring confidence to an offense that struggled all season in 2010 to find an identity and the endzone. It could be a long season for Gator Nation.

Corndog Commercial

Actually it's a commercial for TUMS and now I have lost all desire to eat a corndog. I'm surprised they didn't put mayo on the tip to give it that authentic look. I know I would have been much more aroused.

Video via HotClicks