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Friday, January 04, 2008

You know I was going to take it easy with the whole non-playoff system known as the BCS because frankly I was tired of arguing about something so easy to implement yet so hard at the same time. But then I read this article today from's Stewart Mandel on Why a Playoff Will Never Happen and I now feel like I need to add some logical thinking to these rich assholes who continue to think we are all dumb fuckers who need the BCS because a playoff would destroy the meaning of the regular season. Take for instance what Big East douchebag commissioner Mike Tranghese had to say about a playoff system:

"The one thing [all] of us are in agreement on is there isn't going to be a playoff.

Whenever my [league's] presidents have asked me about the positives and negatives of a playoff, I tell them the two positives are [more] money and people will stop yelling and screaming," said Tranghese. "And the negative is that the value and meaning of the regular season will be diminished. Playoff proponents who say that's not true -- that's just pure stupidity."

Tranghese points to Pittsburgh's upset of West Virginia the final night of the regular season, a riveting game that severely impacted the national-championship picture. "If there had been a playoff, who would have watched that game?" he said. "It would have no meaning. West Virginia would already be in the playoff.

"The BCS has created what I call cross-watching," said Tranghese. "An LSU fan had interest in that game, an Ohio State fan had interest in that game. Most of that would go away if we had a football playoff -- that is one thing I'm certain of."

Okay, let's examine Tranghese's first statement of "the negative is that the value and meaning of the regular season will be diminished. Playoff proponents who say that's not true -- that's just pure stupidity." So you are telling me as the leader of the Big East Conference that most people in this nation as college football fans are going to stop watching and caring about the regular season because it won't mean anything if we have a playoff. You know how fucking dumb that sounds. I feel like I just lost a little bit of sanity having to type those words coming out of his mouth. Does he really think people will stop showing up and watching games because they will only care about the playoffs and not whether or not their favorite team or alma mater wins in order to make the playoffs? College football fans are not idiots like Tranghese. Seriously, how did a guy this feeble minded get his job? We may be crazy and irrational when it comes to our own teams but we are not fucking monkeys who can be told what we will watch and care about and what we will not. This guy has no fucking clue and the only "pure stupidity" is the words coming out of his mouth.

Let's move on to his example of the Pitt-West Virginia game. He claims nobody would watch it because West Virginia would already be guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. So by his own rational the other 31 bowl games and countless other regular season games not involving the two teams in the BCS Championship game are pointless and nobody watches them because nobody cares. Funny isn't it? He seems to forget that West Virginia would be playing for the right to a more favorable match up in the first round of a playoff or for a right to play closer to home. This guy seems to think with a playoff nobody will watch the Big East conference or care about it because they would get their asses handed to them in a playoff or at least that is the way it sounds to me.

I also love his "cross-watching" theory of fans from other parts of the country will lose interest in college football regular season games. Personally I lose interest in watching all these meaningless bowl games when I know deep down they don't mean shit other than bragging rights, tv ratings, and money in people's pockets. I mean why would I and millions of others watch all these BCS games and other bowl games when Tranghese knows for a fact that we have no interest in them because of the BCS Championship Game is the only one with National Championship implications. Makes sense right?

I strongly urge all of you reading this if you in some what agree with what I have to say and want to let Tranghese know what you think about a playoff system then email him at Again his email address is
Email the douchebag and tell him how you feel about what he thinks about your "stupidity." Also you can email the BCS at BCSFOOTBALLORG@HOTMAIL.COM. If you really want a good laugh you can check out the BCS website and notice on the right menu toolbar a few headlines reading:
• Don't mess with BCS
• BCS better than a playoff
• An interview with Mike Slive
• The BCS Works
• Ex-Ga. Tech QB sees folly of playoffs

I can't believe they actually put those on their website to justify anything they do or say.

Also here is the "Unofficial Official Guide To Better Understanding The Reasoning Why The BCS Works And Why A Playoff Doesn't You Fucking Numb nut" presented by the founding members of all the bowls, college presidents, and commissioners of the BCS System.

And for those wondering, here is Tranghese's earlier career work before his promotion to Big East Commissioner under a pen name called The Merrill Howard Kalin Show...

Wait for at least the 5:48 mark, it's disturbing and hysterical to say the least.


I'm still shocked to this day of hearing Britney's little sister is knocked up. And to think of how young and innocent she is by shown in the video above is just disgusting what Brit-Brit is doing to her. The Spears' Family photo is right next to the definition of trailer trash in my Merriam-Webster dictionary. Personally I thought it would have been more appropriate to put Bobby Petrino's picture on there but that is another discussion. I don't know where I'm going with this so I will just stop and sip this frosty NewCastle Brown Ale. Sweet nectar of baby Jesus.

Question: Name me two things you didn't know still existed on the Major League Baseball Level?


Yesterday the Kansas City Star reported the Royals inked the aging 39 year old Japanese pitcher to a minor league deal with an invitation to Spring Training. To my surprise I thought both Kansas City and Hideo Nomo died and were buried in independent baseball leagues a long time ago. Apparently both have met, kissed, made up, and will start touring this Spring at a Flea Market near you. This is how bad MLB is right now. The Kansas City Royals, who used to be a very proud and honorable franchise in the 80's and actually won games, is now a AAA affiliate because Bud Selig can't implement a strict salary cap. Instead the Royals have to sign aging Japanese gopher ball pitchers while the Yankees and Red Sox battle it out for Johan Santana's rights. Seems fair right?

I know the Royals have been fucked for more reasons than just a salary cap. Shitty upper level management is the main culprit. It's similar to the Catholic church.

Wait for lightning bolt.

Okay, I'm still alive. Seriously if the Catholic Church had some good upper level management in the Vatican City they would have squashed the whole "priests touching boys naughty parts" a long time ago before dishing out hundreds of millions for pain and suffering. If the Royals had some decent upper level management(owner, VP, GM, scout director, etc.) they would have been able to squash the pain and suffering their loyal fans have encountered for decades of horrible baseball. Don't send me hate mail Kansas City and religious freak people, I've had a one way ticket to hell ever since I voted for George Bush.

So I guess we can blame the fall of the Catholic Church, Hideo Nomo, and the Kansas City Royals on none other than the New York Yankees. Why you ask? Because those dicks had some decent management and a shit load of money and fucked up the whole planet starting in the mid 90's. I so need a beer right now.


A Nation watches in horror as the once proud pop queen is gurneyed out by the paramedics from her own home! Seriously, what the fuck happened to this crazy bitch? I know she is an overweight, no talent assclown now but she used to be the shit before she met K-Fed. See, I'm hip with the lingo bitches! Anyways, I was up all night watching the latest on her...err, umm, scratch that. I mean I was up masturbating all night to Skinemax and was wondering if we have ever seen anybody fall this hard this fast. Sure we had the King of Pop himself but that was a long, slow fall because he paid off thousands of sick kids and their parents to not rat his touchy feely ass out. Britney now has two kids who she is going to lose all custody rights to them because she is a junkie whore. It's similar to watching Roger Clemens Hall of Fame career slowly go down the shitter. Yeah, I can't wait to hear his pathetic excuses this week on "60 Minutes" when he is being interviewed by the guy who sank the Titanic. Oh sure, it was just B-12 shot Rocket! I haven't heard that before you lying fucker.

And yes, if you are wondering I still have a functional penis despite going to to see the latest celebrity news.