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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Week 8 is make or break across the country

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Hey Blake, whoever you are, don't read this. My picks are awful and you are seriously breathing
too much of my good, clean air.

Matt suggested a while ago that I don't just pick, I pick against the spread, so Blake, if you are reading anyway, here's the picks including the spread from Vegas basis their numbers on my picks, just so you know. 21 - 8 through 7 weeks. Not too shabby I say. On to week 8.

UGA vs UK (UGA +1)
Last week was a hell of a debut for UGA VII. I'm not having any of this Big Bad Bruce b/s. He's UGA, get it right. UK will know by the end of the game. Derrick Locke isn't playing and though Randall Cobb dismantled South Carolina, let's face it, the Cocks were bound to repeat their yearly disappointment at some point. Aaron Murray has proven that he's a play maker and with a healthy offense, minus the suspended Caleb "Court Date" King, will be happy to go toe to toe with Mike Hartline and the Kentucky offense. The defense seems to finally be catching on to the 3-4 scheme and the Offensive Line and Defensive Line have done a good job of owning the trenches the last couple of weeks. Look for Kentucky to score, but not to score enough. Georgia covers the spread and racks up big yardage in the Blue Grass State.

DAWGS 48 vs Cats 28

Auburn vs LSU (Auburn +4.5)
I'm definitely not Auburn's biggest fan, but Cam Newton is the MVP of the first half of the season and Les Miles has been nothing short of lucky. At some point, the risks that Miles' takes and the mistakes that he makes will catch up to him. Saturday is that point. Cam Newton has been a freak all season. He's tall, athletic, with a unique blend of speed, athleticism, arm strength, and accuracy. The guy is talented, smart, and mature. He is the perfect fit for Gus Malzahn's offense and probably does a better job of playing "Tebow" than Tebow himself did. Auburn also has a stable or running backs, a hell of an offensive line, and one of the toughest defenses in the land. LSU is good, don't get me wrong, but they are having issues at QB, issues at WR, and issues inside of their coach's head. George Bush would make better game time decisions that Les Miles has done this year. Miles' won't get away with simply being lucky this week. Auburn will win, but take LSU in the spread.

War Eagle/Tigers/Plains Striders 17 vs Bayou Bengals 14

Nebraska vs Oklahoma State (Nebraska +3)
Oklahoma State hasn't lost, until this week. Mike Gundy may not want to ask the Corn Huskers to come after him because I'm not sure he's man enough to handle those corn fed, Midwest, men who play for a suddenly relevant Nebraska team. Bo Pelini has done a hell of a job turning the tradition that was into the tradition that is and he's found a hell of a QB in Taylor Martinez. OK State has had a good season and a great run under Mike Gundy, but every year they've seemed to slip up and this will be the week they do in 2010. Nebraska covers the spread and wins the game.

Huskers 27 vs Cowboys 21

Notre Dame vs Navy (Notre Dame +4)
The Fighting Irish are coming off of a win and learning the hang of Brian Kelly's offense a little more each week. Maybe Dayne Crist isn't the perfect QB for Kelly's offense, but he's got a very talented team around him and he's doing a great job of progressing each week. I don't know much about Navy, but I'm an Irish fan and my gut says the little Leprechauns pull one out.

Irish 21 vs Midshipman 13

Oklahoma vs Missouri (Oklahoma +6)
The Big 12 conference is having a great year. They are strong, top to bottom this year, reminding me of just how close they are to competing with the SEC for toughest conference. There are currently 6 ranked teams, 3 of which are undefeated, and the highest ranked of them is looking like a National Title contender week in and week out. Missouri is good, but not good enough. The Oklahoma ground game is ridiculous and Landry Jones has done an amazing job at running the offense. The Sooner D is looking great and while Missouri is undefeated, I'm not sure they've had any tough games before this week. Oklahoma stays undefeated and stays on the road to the title game in January.

Sooners 28 vs Tigers 17

Wisconsin vs Iowa (Iowa +6.5)
This may be the closest Top 25 game this week and is definitely the game that I'm looking forward to the most. While Iowa and Ricky Stanzi have had a great season and are favored in this game, John Clay is going to have something to say about who wins this week. The Badger's O-Line is good and Mr. Clay is good enough to run behind any line in the nation. I think Wisconsin enjoys the underdog role this week and wins another game that they are expected to lose.

Badgers 27 vs Hawkeyes 17


Lincecum vs. Halladay tonight...fuck yeah! With the Giants up 3-1 in the series they look to wrap it up tonight with "The Freak" taking on "Doctober." It's do or die time for the Phillies who need to get the bats going if they want to get back to Philly for a game 6. I got my money on Lincecum tonight. There is just something special about this Giants team. You know that good old fashioned feeling where you would do anything to bone her? Yeah I get that with the Giants.

Prediction: Giants 4 Phillies 2