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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Don't Mess With The Buckeyes Especially When Delivering A Pizza

Ohio State defensive coordinator Luke Fickell's wife Amy didn't enjoy her pizza delivery guy the other day and got him fired for making an innocent suggestion that the defense needs to improve their tackling. It's probably not the best comment to make to somebody especially when you are fishing for a tip but holy hell this lady needs to get off her high horse. It looks like Ohio takes their football as seriously as they do down here in the South. It's just too bad the Big Ten blows and the Buckeyes defense which gave up 38 points to Nebraska in a win Saturday could improve their tackling. The pizza delivery guy was right. Amy is just wrong.

The League Season Premiere is Tonight

I feel bad to admit this but I missed the whole last season of The League. It's one of the best comedies out there besides the Chicago Cubs and yet fatherhood and a nightly drinking habit kept me away. Well fuck that. It's time to get my Shiva Bowl on! In terms of comedies where would you rank it?

Here are mine. And like a Cubs fan feel free to argue your reason to live another day.

1) Curb Your Enthusiasm - Just delivers every episode. The Michael J. Fox episode was hilarious last season.
2) Modern Family - The writing is rather brilliant for a network show.
3) Veep - I laughed so hard at a couple of episodes tears formed. Brilliant writing and Julia Louis-Dreyfus dialogue with her co stars is fucking hysterical.
4) Californication - Hank Moody is my hero.
5) The League - I gotta watch season 3 but the first two were hilarious.
Just missed the cut: Always Sunny In Philadelphia (was kinda disappointed with it last year, probably has run it's course)

Midseason Top 5 Heisman

We are basically at midseason in college football with most teams putting in a solid 6 games. Right now it looks like a one man race (West Virginia's Geno Smith) but injuries happen and teams do collapse. Here are my top 5 Heisman candidates.

1. Geno Smith - Right now it's Geno's hardware to lose. Geno led another spirited win last week in Austin with 4 TD and zero point zero INTs to bring his season total to a whopping 24 TDs to 0 INTs. I don't know about you but that is kind of impressive. He also has a 81.4% completion percentage and a NCAA record 202.4 QB rating. By far the leading candidate Geno could lose a couple of games in Morgantown and still take home the Heisman in my opinion. It helps to play in the Big 12 also where defenses go to die.

2. Braxton Miller - Miller Time has the Buckeyes off to a 6-0 start and is putting up Cam Newton-like numbers. The sophomore hasn't quite polished his throws but is still over 60% with a 9 TD-to-3 INT ratio. His legs have been devastating with 763 yards rushing along with 8 TDs. Too bad Ohio State is ineligible for a postseason appearance or Miller would have a legitimate chance of at least competing with Geno right now.

3. Manti Te'o - Yes, a defensive player is in my top 3 candidates. Te'o is the face of the undefeated Fighting Irish and is the best linebacker in the game. He has been huge in big television games vs Navy, Michigan State, Michigan, and Miami. College GameDay has put the spotlight on him already with the loss of his girlfriend and grandmother which has pulled the heartstrings of America including myself. The team leader will get the chance to showcase himself on the big stage this week vs Stanford as well as future road games vs Oklahoma and USC. If ND keeps winning Te'o will at least get an invite to New York.

4. Collin Klein - I've never been fully convinced Optimus Klein is that good but he is proving me wrong this season. He has K State undefeated with huge wins over Miami and Oklahoma on his resume. His numbers are not nearly as outstanding as Smith but next week he will get his chance to go up against him as they travel to Morgantown. Win that game and Klein might have a chance to overtake Geno.

5. Marcus Lattimore - I still think Lattimore is the best runningback in the nation and if South Carolina keeps winning especially like they did last week vs Georgia he has a shot at an invite to New York. Unfortunately for him I'm not convinced he is even the best player on his team (hello Jadeveon Clowney) and I'm not sure how well he can hold up the next two weeks in games on the road at LSU and Florida. Both of those teams have defenses that will try to punish Lattimore.

Barely outside looking in: Jadeveon Clowney, Jarvis Jones, De'Anthony Thomas, Johnny Manziel, Marquise Lee