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Friday, August 24, 2007

A Hall of Famer on and off the field, Cal Ripken was my hero besides my parents when I was growing up. He played the game hard every day and played it at an All-Star level.

So in honor of Ripken here is a video:

As you all know my love-hate relationship with ESPN runs deep. Here is just another reason why ESPN needs to be put down or someone...anybody...needs to come out and make a competing network devoted to sports. Come on Mark Cuban, I know you read this blog, you can do it. Anyways, ESPN decided to do a little segment on the top 5 Traditions in College Football. I must warn all college football fans, there is a New York Post writer telling us about college football traditions. Yes, the piece of splooge cleanup towel we all call the New York Post!

W-H-A-T T-H-E F-U-C-K? I don't know whether to laugh or cry. First off asking a New Yorker, let alone a guy who talks like Andrew Dice Clay and writes for the Post to talk about college football is on par with asking Chris Rix how to be a champion.

Oh shit, people actually do ask.

The Miami Hurricanes tradition is dead Cuban hookers and Columbian bam-bam. It ain't white smoke unless you are talking about Michael Irvin and crack. Is he really serious about Miami and the running out of the "white smoke?" I love the comparison of Tom Cruise and The Last Sumarai with Miami's "tradition." I guess he has never heard of Clemson's tradition of running down the hill and rubbing Howard's Rock. That can't even compare to what Miami does with the white smoke right? Or what about Florida State's tomahawk chop they stole from the Atlanta Braves in the early 90's? I'm kidding Seminole fans, everyone knows you stole it from the Redskins.

Army's great tradition is losing to Navy. How you can put Army over the dotting of the i or any of Notre Dame's traditions is simply amazing.

But then again this is ESPN and they are asking somebody from the Northeast what they think about college football. If I want to know something about the NHL I'm not asking Cletus from Alabama. If I want to ask about morals and how to do the right thing I'm not calling up Pacman to get his advice.

But then again ESPN is not just about sports they will tell you. It's about entertainment too. Nothing is entertaining about a guy talking about something he has no clue on. Don't make me come over there ESPN...

The latest on Emmanuel Moody, the second leading rusher for USC last season, is he has narrowed his choices down to Florida and North Carolina. The funniest part of this whole transfer is the reason behind him leaving in the first place.

Moody says he is leaving because it's a "business decision." HMMM, a business decision. And by business I presume we are talking cash money. I guess ever since the little Reggie Bush fiasco at USC in which we came to found out he took over a quarter of a million $$ in gifts with room and board thrown in for his family, now USC is making sure they only hand out so much.

Poor guy. I'm presuming Butch Davis and Urban Meyer have some deep pockets in order to get a guy the calibre of Moody. "Business" decision are all about money and we all know Florida is rolling in the money with the 3 Championships and the amount of money being dished out to Meyer and Billy Donovan annually.

My guess is Florida. Cash money yo.

my mind on my money, my money on my mind

Well, the summary of facts have come out and nothing much has changed. Ookie is still a bad guy according to his federal indictment and will be going to jail for at least a year. The NFL is a forgotten dream for Ron Mexico now.
You participate in a gambling enterprise where you are THE money man and you can pretty much say bye-bye to any chance of ever playing in the NFL again.

With that being said I think we can all agree that Vick's dad needs to shut the fuck up. Now I think we can all understand why Marcus and Michael are so fucked up in the head. One has to accept responsibility and I am definitely not a Vick apologist, but I am thankful that I grew up with a father that I can look up to who was always there for support and not just looking for money (probably because I don't have anything besides this crusty $10 bill in my semen soaked shorts...oh wait, did I semen, I meant booger).

Anyways the point is to look up to your parents and not athletes. But if you have parents like Michael Vick then don't use it as a crutch and make the best out of your life like Juan Dixon
has done. Dixon grew up in one of the most awful situations a human being could ever endure and yet has come out of life as a champion both on and off the court.