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Friday, November 18, 2011

The Tim Tebow Jesus 15 The Mile High Messiah Shirt

After last night's performance we figured Jesus...I mean Tim Tebow...deserved his own shirt. Well here it is for only $17. And don't worry this shirt is guaranteed to get you into heaven so you might as well buy dozens and dozens for all your family and friends. After all it's the Christian thing to do.


Urban Meyer To Ohio State Is Getting Close

Ever since Jim Tressel was forced out of Columbus Buckeye Nation has salivated over the thought of native son Urban Meyer coming back to the scarlet and gray and taking over a program that was one of his dream jobs. It appears both the Buckeye Nation and Urban will be making the dream a reality very soon.

Rumors are floating around that Ohio State has offered Urban a seven year deal for $35 million to return to the sidelines after a one year hiatus. Urban has the coaching bug and despite taking a year off to be with his family after riding an emotional and physical roller coaster down in Gainesville he appears by all accounts ready to jump back into head coaching 24/7.

This shouldn't come as a big shock. The Urban to Ohio State rumors were strong even when Jim Tressel was winning Big Ten championships in his sweatervest. What is kind of confusing is Urban going into a situation where the Buckeyes might be on sanctions due to the entire tattoo fiasco which has not been settled by the NCAA. It cost Tressel his job and made Terrelle Pryor leave early for the NFL and as far as we know the Committee on Infractions has not ruled on Ohio State yet. Yes the Buckeyes have suspended players and taken away some scholarships but the NCAA has still not ruled if that will be enough in their eyes.

My opinion is the Buckeyes will get a one year postseason ban. They should take it this year. Don't delay it because this season is honestly a wash. Urban Meyer will be announced as the next head coach within the next couple of weeks. Again this is just my opinion and I do not have any inside sources. I also think Meyer will do extremely well in Columbus. He can recruit with the best of them and he should be able to get the top kids from the Midwest while also going to the South and California to recruit. With Braxton Miller at QB he should fit in perfectly in Urban's spread attack.

Do I think Urban will win right away? Yes.

Do I think Urban will get them to a National Championship right away? No.

But the Buckeyes will be back in the top 5 programs with Urban on the sidelines. There is no Urban myth to it. It's the truth.