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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Atlanta Falcon's Jacquizz Rodgers Wears A "Quizz On Your Face" Shirt

Watch out 49ers.  Someone is coming to QUIZZ ON YOUR FACE come Sunday afternoon in the Georgia Dome.  He's only 5'6 but Falcon's tailback Jacquizz Rodgers punches one hell of a punch.   Just ask Seattle's Earl Thomas.

And yes this needed to be a SportsCrack shirt yesterday.  Go Dirty Birds!

Tiger Woods vs Rory McIlroy Nike Commercial

This new Tiger vs Rory Nike commercial brings back memories of the McDonald's Jordan vs Bird commercial back in the early 90's.  They titled this one "No Cup is Safe" but a more appropriate one in my opinion should have been "No Hole is Safe" especially when it comes to Tiger.  You could have had Tiger's former mistresses all around the world receiving hole-in-ones.   Nike needs to think outside of the box.  Or in this case inside the box.