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Friday, February 21, 2014

Ravens Safety Matt Elam Works At The Finish Line in the Offseason

Baltimore Raven's starting rookie safety Matt Elam made solid footing in his inaugural season in the NFL.  He also made a solid income after signing a $6 million plus contract for 4 years.  But the money and the fame hasn't stopped him from going back to school at the University of Florida to finish his degree and working at the local Finish Line for a little extra cash on the side according to the Baltimore Sun...

Elam told the Ravens' team website that he was going back to school in part because of his mother.

“One reason I’m going back is my mom. I promised her I was going to go back,” Elam said.

What's less clear is why a multimillionaire needs an entry-level retail job ... unless you remember that Elam also saved more than $200,000 by not hiring an agent last summer. A 30 percent in-store discount doesn't sound like much, either, until you consider just how many pairs of $100 shoes an NFL player can afford.

I gotta give credit to Elam.  You don't hear these kind of stories too often especially in the NFL.  For every Ray Rice knocking out his fiance they're hopefully ten Matt Elams in the locker room.

Team USA Hockey vs Canada Today at Noon....Let's Win This Shit!

No more excuses.  We owe Canada for the 2010 Winter Olympics and stealing our gold medal on their home turf.  It's our time.  They may live and die with hockey but we own them now.  Oshie, Kane, and Kessel will all light the lamp today.

USA wins 4-2.