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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Maryland Basketball Students Do Flash Mob and Harlem Shake During Duke Game

I can't believe I missed this while slugging Red Stripes and chowing down jerk chicken and lobster down in Jamaica.  Maryland students did a flash mob and the simply awful Harlem Shake before their basketball team helped seal the deal on a tourney bid with a 83-81 victory over hated Duke.  While Scott Van Pelt was texting/twittering/whatever in front of the kids in suits I was piss drunk relaxing in the Caribbean on a beach.  WTF was I thinking?

Australian Body Slamming Cactus is Youtube Gold

No shit I laughed out loud so badly I started tearing up at this poor dumb asshole.  Just the sheer agony of screams after the body slam are priceless.  When they are pulling out the pricks on his back it was like somebody recorded me down in Miami last month while watching Notre Dame getting throttled by Bama.  "It fucking hurts man."  Yeah it does.

Via TheBigLead