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Monday, November 29, 2010


This shit still makes me crackle like a little girl. Hilarious. Frank Drebin will be missed. Somewhere in Heaven he is calling strikes.


Little Sisters of the Poor: Ohio State plays very fine schools on any given Saturday. Marshall, Ohio, Eastern Michigan. Fine schools, all of them. According to Sagarin, the Buckeyes currently have a lower schedule strength rating (64) than Boise State (62). Boise State has a 2-1 record against teams currently in the AP Top 25, with wins against Virginia Tech and Hawaii and a heart-breaking, overtime loss to Nevada. Ohio State played one team currently in the AP Top 25, Wisconsin, and got manhandled. Guess which team will be playing in a BCS bowl game? The current system rewards reputation rather than accomplishment, and it is structured to pad and to perpetuate the reputations of already powerful schools.

Thanks to The Big Lead for stating the obvious. There should be an outcry over Ohio State making a BCS Bowl game because simply they didn't beat anybody in the top 25. All year I've heard it from a certain Ohio State fan (my neighbor...haha) that the Boise States and TCUs of the world didn't deserve a spot in one of the BCS Championship games because of their schedule. It's bull shit to point out those teams. Now if you want to point out the Big East Champ or the ACC Champ then fine. Those conferences are weak and don't have one dominating top 10 team in them. But for some people to kick Boise State when they lose a game because their kicker pulls a Ray Finkel is just absurd. Boise State and TCU can hang with the big boys. It's just the big boys are too damn scared to schedule them.

Right now it looks like Wisconsin will play TCU in the Rose Bowl. A matchup of a great offense in Wisconsin (3 times they have run up the score over 70 because their coach is a total dickbag) against the best defense in the country in TCU. It should be a great game.

Don't worry about Ohio State or their dumbass president. They get a BCS Bowl game invitation despite not beating anybody significant all season and getting destroyed by Wisconsin. They got lucky they didn't have to face Michigan State this season. Michigan State should get the invite but the BCS is all about selling tickets and TV so they will pick the Buckeyes. Thank god the Big Ten is finally getting a championship game next season when Nebraska joins the conference. Only it's about 15 years too late for their conference since the SEC has completely blown by them in significance and prestige.

Oh and great job Ohio State crushing Michigan. You could have at least kept it somewhat respectable. Not only did you rip out DickRod's heart once again but you pretty much put the final nail in his dismissal.


It's been 9 years since I have woken up the next day after a Notre Dame-USC game and had a smile on my face. God yesterday felt great. My confidence going into the game was just like last year. I thought Notre Dame would win. But I'm so fucking superstitious when it comes to sports especially Notre Dame that I didn't even post a prediction for the game.

My game balls go to Robert Huuuuggghhhheeesss and the Notre Dame defense. Hughes ran like a locomotive Saturday night in a driving rain in Los Angeles. He could not be stopped. It was absolutely beautiful to see a running back take over a game and just will their way to the end zone. It's been a long time since we saw somebody in blue and gold do it. Big props go to the senior in Hughes for getting the monkey off Notre Dame's back. The defense again was absolutely dominating. I'm not sure what in the hell Brian Smith has been eating lately but whatever it is he needs to keep on doing it. The senior middle linebacker has led a resurgence on the Irish D the past 3 games. They have only given up one touchdown and even that was on the offense because they turned the ball over on their own 2 yard line. The defense held USC to under 250 yards and their running game only managed 3.5 yards per carry. Outstanding performance.

Also a big thank you goes to Brian Kelly and the staff. They have dealt with a lot of shit from media and the fans and alumni this year. Most of it was bull shit. To see Kelly smile and defensive coordinator Bob Diaco go ape shit after the game made this Notre Dame fan believe the Irish are definitely going in the right direction. Up.

Now it's on to a bowl game at 7-5. With a possibility of 18 of 22 starters back next season I'm already getting giddy about 2011. With momentum comes recruiting too and I believe they will finish with a top 10 class this season. It should set them up nicely for the future.

Go Irish!