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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Jimbo Fisher Gets Heated With Media Because He Blindly Supports Jameis Winston

What did Jimbo Fisher expect when he is the only one supporting a guy in Jameis Winston who has been accused of rape, theft, yelling vulgar sexual references in front of women, and getting paid for autographs in less than 10 months?  Oh and to top it all off he got a referee in his back pocket to make a bull shit call on the final play of the game.  You dug your own grave with this Jimbo.  You can't bathe with dog shit and not expect to come out looking and smelling like dog shit.

Let's all be perfectly honest here because we know Jimbo can't be.  If Jameis Winston played any other position besides starting QB he would have been kicked out of FSU a long time ago.  The #1 concern for Jimbo and the FSU administration is winning football games.  It's why they have been the ultimate success on the field.  But off the field this FSU program is a disgrace to college football and society.  They have thrown out integrity so their star player can get away with just about anything, including sexual assault.  So Jimbo don't get pissy with the media when they want to hold people accountable for their actions while you turn a blind eye.

Go cash your 7 figure check and answer the fucking questions or you can do the right thing and take off the blinders and get a fucking clue like Mark Richt has done at Georgia.  It's not always just about winning.  It's about integrity and winning the right way while "educating" your players to do the right thing on and off the field.  Clearly you can't see it.