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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


First off, I think New Year's resolutions are stupid. Every year I've wished my little Irish/Scottish fella would grow out to be a deadly python so I could wear really short bicycle shorts to the gym and work out in front of the ladies and see their faces. But it hasn't come true so seriously what is the point.

Maybe drink a little less. Haha, yeah right, not with the way my Baltimore Orioles and Notre Dame Fighting Irish have played recently. If anything with the Orioles again sucking nuts and Notre Dame losing studs like Omar Hunter to Urban Liar it is just another reason to drink the pain away. Maybe I could lose a few pounds but what is the point since I'm getting married. I can blow up and still get laid. Oh I know what would be a great resolution: make this blog funny. I'll try and make it funny without all the pissing and moaning and fart and poop jokes. I'll keep the porn though guys.

Anyways, Happy New Year's to all of you Sportscrack Heads. Leave your resolution on the comment section if you dare.

2008 Sugar Bowl Championship Gear
Hey Dawgs fans, celebrate the royal ass kicking from yesterday's Sugar Bowl Championship with the official gear from the game. Go to the Sportscrack Store Page to get the shirts, hats and even the official DVD of the game. Watch Colt Brennan get destroyed over, and over, and over again up close. Trust me it will never get old to see the Dawgs on DVD running all over the Hawaii Warriors.

Only a city like New Orleans and a station with the moral ineptitude of Fox would decide to let a band called Bonerama play the National Anthem before the Sugar Bowl last night. Being the degenerate I am I must admit I love the name of the band and applaud Fox for the pick of the bonerific group. I also thought it was pretty amusing to see Jimmy Johnson get a chuckle when Chris Rose announced who the band was. Here is the clip you bonerheads...

HT: AwfulAnnouncing

The baddest most brutal force to hit the Big Island since that shitty Ben Affleck movie...

This sack hurt Colt Brennan so bad it actually made him cry. Seriously, I'm not fucking around, the guy was crying on the sidelines. Apparently his vagina was swollen from Dawg bites.