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Friday, October 08, 2010

Dawgs Facing (ANOTHER) Must Win and Other Week 6 Picks

Photo Courtesy of UGA Sports Communications

I can tell you if Richt has to give another press conference like the one pictured above after this week, it may be his last one in Athens. Let's be honest, the Dawgs coach is now coaching for his job. While I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I still believe in Richt, I'm not doubting that the BullDawg Nation has had enough of the lack of discipline and the less than glorious perception of the UGA program. Hopefully this week changes some things and a fire is lit under the BullDawgs behinds. If it's not, I think I may have a year of eligibility left and I can guarantee I'm passionate enough to put someone on their backside. On to the picks...

I'm 16 - 6 and I'm okay with that, especially seeing as how 4 of those losses were me picking UGA to win, which of course I'm going to do that again this week. This week will be a test and we will see how Fairchild and I stack up soon. Seems like a huge weekend in college football so this week will be a proving grounds for a lot of teams. There are still a lot of undefeated teams, but will not be after this week. Saturday will be a good day!

South Carolina vs. Alabama
There are several games that are very enticing, but I'm anxious to watch how Alabama plays after beating Florida and how Ellis Johnson plans to game plan around Ingram and Richardson. I think Spurrier and Lattimore may have a thing or two to prove against a stout Bama D. This will be Spurrier's biggest game as the South Carolina Head Ball Coach and he better be ready for a hell of a Cock fight. Bama is scary good. I've said it before and I stand by it. The Tide are going to roll through this season and it's going to be ugly. They will repeat as National Champions and may have a legitimate shot at winning again next year. Saban has done a hell of a job at restoring what was and making Alabama relevant again. While Spurrier and Ellis Johnson may coach a hell of a game, they will still lose.

Tide 28 - Cocks 13

Florida vs. LSU
Sorry GAYtor fans, you may have an advantage in the Swamp, but Les Miles is coaching for his job (although he may not realize that quite yet). LSU is undefeated, UF has lost one game, but the difference will be Les Miles' luck. Meyer hasn't figured out life after Tebow offensively and the GAYtor's mighty D is good, but is too young to keep up with the athletes LSU is going to put on the field. Alabama exposed Florida last week and LSU is coming off of a week where they should learn from their mistakes. This game may be the game of the week. LSU is going to pull out a close one.

Tigers 17 - GAYtors 10

Miami vs. FSU
I can't remember the last time this game was relevant, but this year, it may be a determining factor in the ACC race. GA Tech looks bad, VA Tech looks worse, and Clemson ... who's Clemson, this year at least. The truth is the ACC is awful this year. The ACC is awful every year, but this year is worse than most. This may be the marquee game of the ACC this year. I have faith in FSU and I'm not sure Miami can keep players out of jail long enough to win this game. Christian Ponder is very good and FSU has the talent and coaching around him to win the ACC this year. FSU wins a close one in Miami.

Seminoles 13 - Canes 10

USC vs. Stanford
We are witnessing the fall of Troy and I couldn't be happier, well at least until Ohio State and Penn State simply shuts up. Lame Kiffin is in the process of ruining another program and hopefully he will stay at USC for a few more years so that the Trojan fans come back to Earth and realize they've always been a good team in a bad conference. It's similar to the Buckeyes not losing to another team within the state of Ohio. Stanford has a hell of a QB who should be a top five pick. Watch Stanford continue a hell of a season.

Stanford 23 - Spoiled Children (USC) 14

Michigan vs. Michigan State
Denard Robinson is too much for the Spartans. Let’s face it, he’s the most dynamic athlete on the field in every game he’s played thus far and that’s not going to change against Michigan State no matter how undefeated they are. Robinson is almost guaranteed for 400 yards of offense by himself every game he plays and I don’t see that changing this week. Big Blue is too much for the Spartans to handle and Dantonio has already had one heart attack. Look for this week to be a complete blow out so not much of a stress on the head coach’s emotions.

Michigan 42 - Michigan State 10

UGA vs. Tennessee
This game will be A.J. Green and Aaron Murray vs. the entire Tennessee team. I’m not going to sit here and give any sort of explanation outside of the fact that I can’t pick against my alumni. The dogs win this simply because they have absolutely no other option. If Richt wants his job, the Dawgs better start winning and start winning now.

Tennessee 17 – UGA 27

Notre Dame vs. Pitt

The Irish should beat a not so good Panthers team. I’m hoping the Fighting Irish have found their stride and Brian Kelly’s system starts working this week. Irish win in South Bend.

Notre Dame 24 – Pitt 13

Brett Favre the new Tiger Woods??

Photo Courtesy of

If you've been living in a cave the past few days I'd like to inform you that Brett Favre is back in the media spotlight. Can you believe it? This time I don't think he's too happy to have the publicity. I've provided the link above (just click on the title) if you want the full story of the "mini Favre" fiasco. Apparently Favre spent a great deal of time during his Jets tenure trying to get into the pants of buxom, Jenn Sterger. Sterger is that bombshell with the great big old titties from Florida State. She was known as the Florida State Cowgirl. She's hot as hell, and I'd probably send her cock shots of my dong, even though I'm married, but I would never send them if my cock was the size of old number 4. It seems that his number on his jersey matches his member in inches.

Anyway, what I want to know is, is this going to turn into a Tiger Woods type of scandal, where all sorts of ladies across the country claim they slept with Old Man Favre? I think so. I tell you what, if I was married and was a big time athlete, musician, whatever, I think I would get a divorce the first time I chose to be with another woman. Shit, maybe I'd just get a divorce before I played my first game or went on my first big tour. Get it out of the way. If you want to go bang every hot piece of ass you see, do it, just don't get married, or in Brett's case, don't stay married. You know that shit is going to get out to the media, especially if you are portrayed as a Mr. Nice guy who marries his High School sweetie, and sticks with her after all these years. In this digital age nothing is sacred, even gross cock shots sent via cell phone.

This could all be a hoax, but I HIGHLY doubt it. I would like your opinions on the matter. Also, cock jokes are welcome. No cock joke is too small. Ba dum dum.