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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Bradley's Chris Roberts hit this 3/4 court shot to beat Oakland in some bullshit tournament called the CIT. Hell of a bank shot. It's like getting the last E on Horse when you know it was all luck. I hope he got laid after this game. If not he should be pounding drinks once he turns 21. Ahh, to turn 21. Such a magical time. It seems like just yesterday I was passed out at TGI Friday's on my special occasion. I crapped out at 12 shots but had a good excuse. The day before was the Super Bowl and I was Super Hung Over from celebrating that night. It was the day Kurt Warner entered our lives along with his psychotic looking wife and led the Rams to a Super Bowl victory. Praise the Lord!


Yesterday we had the two extremes of human emotion displayed in the sports world. Ecstasy which is defined as an intense joy or delight, or otherwise known as Friday night raves in college, was on full display when Ichiro came through in the clutch last night in the tenth inning of the WBC Final. He delivered the two run single to help Japan repeat as World Baseball Classic Champs. Ichiro finished the game 4-for-6 with a celebration of the bubbly...

On the complete opposite side of ecstasy is angst. Defined as a feeling of anxiety or apprehension often accompanied by depression, we got to see the emotion on Lance Armstrong's face as he learned he had just broken his collarbone in Spain in a pileup. The broken collarbone is expected to heal in 4-6 weeks but could force Armstrong to quit his attempt to prepare for his return to the Tour De France...