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Thursday, September 09, 2010


The NFL season finally kicks off tonight with a NFC Championship game rematch between the New Orlean Saints and the Minnesota Vikings. It's in New Orleans so they will do the whole Super Bowl ring presentation which is always lovely. Ah fuck it...I hate the Saints. With that being said I expect Drew Brees and company to cover the 5 points because their defense is going to beat the living shit out of old man Wrangler Brett Favre.

Here are my picks for this season.

AFC East: New York Jets. The Hard Knocks series convinced me and now I'm a huge fan of Rex Ryan. The Jets have the best defense in the NFL and their running game behind Shonn Greene and Ladainian Tomlinson will combine for 20 touchdowns minimum. Sanchise might not be a top 20 QB in the NFL yet but all he has to do is not fuck it up. A lot of people are taking the Patriots but I don't see it. They are too old and they got absolutely crushed in the playoffs last year vs. the Ravens. The Dolphins and Bills look like they have a way to go.

AFC North: Baltimore Ravens. Joe Flacco is going to have an Aaron Rodgers type breakout season. He has weapons now with wide receivers Anquan Bolden and T.J. Houshmandzadeh to go along with old standby Derrick Mason. The defense will again be top 5. The Steelers and Bengals have legit shots too but the Ravens are a better overall team from top to bottom. The Browns will still blow.

AFC South: Indianapolis Colts. As long as Peyton Manning is putting up MVP type numbers year in and year out then I will take the Colts. I like the Titans and Texans as legit Wild Card contenders but until somebody knocks off the defending AFC Champs then I got to go with the Colts.

AFC West: San Diego Chargers. This division blows and I have doubts the Chargers even win 9 games this year but who else an I going to take. The Raiders? The Broncos? The Chiefs? All 3 of those teams are not close to playoff contenders.

AFC wild cards: Cincinnati Bengals, Tennessee Titans. I'm actually kind of shocked I don't have the Patriots in the playoffs. The Bengals are legit and their defense will surprise a lot of people by how well they force turnovers. The Titans are just a well coached team with the best runningback in the game.

NFC East: Dallas Cowboys. The Boys still have enough star power to beat the Redskins, Giants, and Eagles. This is the toughest division in football.

NFC North: Green Bay Packers. I gotta admit I have a huge man crush on QB Aaron Rodgers. I think he is the best in the game and carries the Packers over the Vikings. I do see the Lions making huge improvements behind the great Ndamukong Suh. The Bears will still not be good enough to contend.

NFC South: New Orleans Saints. Trust me I hate picking the Saints here. But I don't think the Atlanta Falcons made enough improvement in the offseason to overtake them especially on the defensive side of the ball. Matt Ryan will hopefully have a huge season in the ATL. Carolina and Tampa Bay just don't have the talent to compete with the Saints and Falcons.

NFC West: Arizona Cardinals. I think Derek Anderson steps in and does an excellent job for the retired Kurt Warner. I just have a weird feeling for the Cards and I'm not totally buying in for the preseason hype of the 49ers. The Seahawks could be a mess under Pete Carroll and the Rams have been rebuilding for what seems like a decade now.

NFC Wild Cards: Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons. I could also see both of these teams not even making the playoffs this year. The Vikings have to ride you know who and the Falcons defense is suspect.

MVP: As I said before I have a serious hard on for Aaron Rodgers. The guy is the best quarterback in the game right now. He gets the Packers into the Super Bowl and gets the MVP Award in the process.

Offensive Player of the Year: Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans will win it if he puts up another 2000 yard season. If not then I'm going to go with Larry Fitzgerald.

Defensive Player of the Year: Jared Allen of the Minnesota Vikings. The guy is just a force with a motor that never stops. Plus I love mullets on football players.

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Ryan Matthews of the San Diego Chargers. I just have this feeling you could pretty much plug in any rookie runningback with some talent in San Diego and they would get minimum 1300 yards rushing.

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Ndamukong Suh of the Detroit Lions is a beast who will feast on the NFL this season. I might have to watch some Detroit game this year just to see him.

Coach of the Year: John Harbaugh with the Baltimore Ravens will get them to the Super Bowl.

Comeback Player of the Year: John Abraham of the Atlanta Falcons. Complete homer pick on my part. If Abraham comes back and has his 2008 form (16.5 sacks) then the Falcons will make the playoffs.

Super Bowl Winner: Green Bay Packers over the Baltimore Ravens. I'm riding Rodger's nuts all the way. This probably means he will get injured in week 1. Sorry Packers fans.


Just another reason those Phillies fans are despicable. Not only have they managed to come all the way back from 7 games and take the NL East lead by 1/2 game over the Atlanta Braves but they manage to grope each other on television. Fucking disgusting. If you are going to grab some boob make sure it's an actual lady who is somewhat attractive. No need to see two dudes going at it while milking "his partner's" beer tits.

/bitter Braves fan