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Thursday, September 26, 2013

2013 Notre Dame Shamrock Series HydroFX Mini Helmets Have Shipped!

The Notre Dame 2013 Shamrock Series mini helmets made by Hydrofx started shipping yesterday.  We got about 35 left in stock if you are still interested.  Order today.  These were limited edition mini helmets and once they sell out they are gone forever.

Ships immediately!

Carlos Gomez and Brian McCann Start Benches Clearing Hissy Fit

This is the one thing I never understand about baseball "fights."  If you are going to get in somebody's face at least have the balls to throw a punch.  I'm not faulting Braves catcher Brian McCann entirely for this but you can see him talking to Brewers outfielder Carlos Gomez as he steps in to the batter's box.  This is usually never a good thing unless you are friends.  These guys clearly are not.  So I think, granted I don't know for sure, that McCann was chirping in Gomez ear about something.  Then Braves pitcher Paul Maholm who has some history with Gomez (gave up a HR and hit him twice before in the back before this at-bat) throws an absolute meat pitch.  Immediately Gomez does his slow home run trot.

And this is what pisses me off about "unwritten baseball rules."  I am a Braves fan I personally have no problem with home run trots.  Playing the game my whole life I know how hard it is to hit one out.  If you don't want the other team doing trots well then don't throw meat letter high over the middle of the plate.

Now of course Gomez is at fault here too.  He could have been the bigger man and let his bat do the talking instead of his mouth.  He immediately started yelling at McCann, Maholm and then first basemen Freddie Freeman while rounding the bases.  It's a punk move on his part no doubt.  But let's don't act like the Braves are not complicit here.

Which brings me back to McCann.  Why are you blocking home plate?  I get it.  You are pissed off at Gomez for running his mouth after hitting a bomb but why are you not being the bigger man and letting it go?  Playoffs start next week.  The Braves don't need you suspended or hurt during a fight.  And you guys are fighting for home field advantage which is way more important than any yelling match with some player on a shitty team.  Freeman, the MVP of the team, gets ejected and the Braves go on to get shutout and are now behind the Cardinals for home field.

That is the punk move.  The Braves need to be focusing on the bigger picture here.  Gomez and his home run trot don't mean shit.  Home field and having everyone in your lineup healthy ready for the playoffs means a lot.  So I'm faulting McCann here even though I love him.  He might have cost the Braves not only home field (Braves have the best record at home, mediocre on the road) but some momentum going into the playoffs.  Because in the long run all the showmanship of a trot doesn't mean shit unless you win.  And Gomez and the Brewers won while getting under the Braves skin.

In conclusion: focus on the bigger goal Braves.  I don't want to hear any excuses come playoff time.  Last year it was the "one game playoff" and "infield fly" that wasn't fair.  I don't want to hear it anymore.  It's bullshit.  I also don't want to hear about the umpires.  It's bullshit.  Go out and win.  That should be the main and only focus.  And for the love of God ignore assholes like Gomez.  We don't need any "fights" or ejections going into the playoffs.

Go Bravos!