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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

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College Football season is creeping up fast.  September 5th will be here before you know it.  

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ESPN Top 10 Preseason College Football Power Index is Hilarious


Well I needed a good laugh today but holy shit ESPN let's lay off the lemon Quaaludes before you go all Jordan Belfort on us and forget the lube.

Yes I know this is 100% an ESPN troll.  And yes I know I fucking fell for it again.  Congrats ESPN, you know how to rile me up.  And it really doesn't mean anything but still it gets my blood boiling.  It's like seeing your ex-girlfriend making out with a midget.  Sure it's funny and all but still it irritates and disgusts you.

I can deal with the first 4.  No doubt Ohio State, Alabama, Baylor and TCU are all serious contenders.  

But then we get to 5 and ESPN decides to bring out the big ole SEC floppy and shove it down our throats without even having the courtesy to ask us for a fluffer.  LSU, Georgia, and Ole Miss have shitshows at the QB position.  For as good as a conference the SEC is they know how to produce garbage QBs.  Oregon and Texas A&M have awful defenses.  Ole Miss and Arkansas I actually kind of respect because I think both could have good seasons but you can't put them top 10 preseason.  Seriously when was the last time those two had any chance of winning a championship?

USC, Georgia Tech, FSU, ND, Michigan State, Oklahoma, UCLA, Wisconsin, and host of other programs can make a strong argument for being in the top 10 but I guess since they don't play in the SEC we won't mention them.  It's all perfectly logical.