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Thursday, August 28, 2008


I am heading down to the Flats of Georgia Tech to do some tailgating and get ready for the debut of new Yellow Jackets coach Paul Johnson. As most of you know I am not too fond of the Yellow Jackets for obvious reasons, one being their fans who don't have a clue what a tailback is but I bleed college football and need it like Lindsay Lohan needs Red Bulls, blow, and dick. So if anyone wants to come down and start the party...umm, tailgate I mean then email me or post a message on here. You will recognize me pretty well down there since I will be one of a few is actually homegrown USA and not foreign and who actually drinks instead of studying for their Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering classes in fucking August. I'm hearing they have only sold 40,000 tickets for the game because the Nerds haven't bought into Johnson and his system yet. Listen, you can't figure out his fucking system on a damn scientific calculator. Just watch and learn for once and show up is what I say.

Prediction: Georgia Tech 31 Jacksonville State 21 (Perrilloux will be running away from Johnson, Walker, and Richard all night as the Georgia Tech DL will dominate the front 5 of Jacksonville State)

Other game of note: South Carolina 27 North Carolina State 13 (watch out for Norwood and Brinkley on defense for the Cocks, they are mean and vicious)


Nothing like seeing two fat broads, one being a New York cop who has no idea how to arrest somebody, going at it in Yankees Stadium. My lower lip is starting to quiver just a little bit while thinking of the gentlemen's rivalry that is the Yankees and Red Sox. I really can come up with no reason why people outside of New York and Boston just disdain these type of fans other than they are fat, ugly, obnoxious, rude, smell, and violent. But yeah, these are the true fans who are so passionate as ESPN keeps telling me. Uh huh.

Someone wise beyond his years had something to say about these type of people....

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