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Thursday, November 04, 2010


Baseball needs more personalities like Aubrey Huff. The guy could literally give two shits what anyone thinks of him. He wore the rally thong all year despite the teasing and the laughing and guess what happened? World Series Champs. Nobody thought before the season started that the Giants were legitimate contenders for the whole enchilada. But the rally thong proved everybody wrong.

Could you imagine if Huff pulled this shit on the east coast or in the midwest? There would be church groups and political figures calling him a sexual deviant while protesting with pitchforks and torches. But in San Fran nobody gives a shit because it is so liberal and free. Awesome.


The Dallas Cowboys have collectively gone in the shitter this year at 1-6 but I don't think these Cowboys fans really give a shit. What are the chances her name is Debbie? I give it 50/50 odds. I will be attending my first NFL game of the year next Thursday when the Baltimore Ravens come down to the Dirty South. Falcon's fan girls you have been put on alert. You can't let this little Cowgirl outdo you. I expect Pink Pony shit to go down as the Falcons are destroying the Ravens. It's only polite.

Oh yeah I keep hearing about Notre Dame losing recruits left and right now that they shit the bed against Tulsa and Navy in back-to-back weeks. If you want to get those recruits back I suggest some of those St. Mary girls start doing a little Cowgirl action in the stands. At this point anything would help the Irish.

Video via TheBigLead via Jimmy Traina