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Monday, October 27, 2008


The official language is he will quit at the end of the season but we all know Ty Willingham, molder of destroying collegiate football programs, was going to be fired as soon as this week if he didn't accept a resignation. Look, the Washington Huskies wanted to avoid any sort of outlandish racism claim that some members of the media would print or say on air because Willingham didn't get his 5 years bullshit. I'm sure Ty will get a great severance package just like any other shitty CEO who comes in and destroys a company. Losingham came in to Washington and destroyed football. I'm completely serious.

Watching Notre Dame annihilate Washington Saturday night was like watching a high school team trying to play Division 1 football. The Huskies are a fucking mess and the blame is 100% on Ty's shoulders. He can't be a successful head coach because he can't admit his short comings. He doesn't know how to be a successful recruiter because he cares more about perfecting his golf swing then traveling across the nation and perfecting a recruiting pitch to athletes and their parents. He is lazy when it comes to being a head football coach but yet he will get paid millions of dollars for being totally incompetent and unqualified. Only in America can one guy with so little become so rich at doing something as poorly as Willingham.

With that being said I think he would be a perfect coach for USC if Pete Carroll decides to go to San Francisco and take the 49ers job. After all he did take Stanford to a Rose Bowl so he must be a great coach....


As a college football fan and as a Georgia resident I loved seeing last year's celebration penalty in the World's Largest Cocktail Party. A lot of what makes college football so much better than the NFL in my opinion is that fans get into it more and the game has a lot of emotion in it which can cause upsets and eventually riots. Georgia for too long had played with their tails tucked in between their legs against the Gators ever since Spurrier was on the sidelines but last year they wagged them and let loose and it carried over into a complete ass kicking right between the greasy fingers of Urban Cryer.

Now Meyer has put on a gag order for his Florida players to not even mention last year's celebration penalty which he still has not gotten over. Well I say Fuck him because I'm going to mention it every single day this week till Georgia beats the shit out of Florida again on Saturday. Some of you may think I hate Florida but I really don't. I think they have some really good fans and a great alumni base and in fact I'm good friends with some of them. But I really despise Urban Liar. Just seeing his face makes my skin boil. As much respect as I have for Mark Richt who I believe is a deep down great person who any program would be extremely lucky to have on the other hand I think Urban is a piece of shit.

So this week I am going to be the biggest fan of Matthew Stafford, Knowshon Moreno, Rennie Curran, and all the other Dawgs who wear the red and black this week in hope that they crush and destroy the Urban Myth and his Gaytors. I want to see Florida again take a good old fashioned ass whipping by Mark Richt and his troops on Saturday because it's what Urban deserves. Gag on that douchebag Meyer.

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