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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Love him or hate him, you had to respect George Steinbrenner. The guy cared more about winning than the bottom line or status quo. "The Boss" as some have called him was one of the most entertaining owners in all of sports and revived a once dying franchise. The Yankees won 7 World Series Titles and 11 pennants with George as the owner. He bought the Yankees from CBS in 1973 for a net purchase price of $8.8 million dollars. Incredible to think it these days with A-Rod making that much in less than a third of the season. The Boss was eccentric and changed managers 20 times in 23 years including firing Billy Martin on five separate occasions. He called out his players, his managers, and his general managers. He was basically a crazy guy who had a lot of money who wanted nothing more than to win.

Steinbrenner will be missed. He is probably demanding Jesus to get a hair cut as we speak. Or Satan depending on your view.

Does Costanza move up the corporate ladder now?