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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baltimore Orioles Bring Back the Cartoon Bird

No complaints here. I've always enjoyed the cartoon bird on the hats from the late 60's to late 80's and I'm glad they are bringing it back. Now if only they could bring back the feeling of 3 World Series Championships to Baltimore then I will really get excited. But overall a great look for the team. Hopefully the next press release coming from the Warehouse is Peter Angelos selling the team to somebody who actually cares about building a winner.

Arkansas Razorbacks Joe Adams With The Best Punt Return of the Season

I saw at least 7 missed tackles. Holy Hogs indeed. I'm always torn on these kind of plays. Yes it was a great return by Joe Adams. No doubt about that. But what the hell was up with the tackling? We aren't talking about Devin Hester returning here. It's some college kid named Adams. It's gotta be these new uniforms that have Crisco baked into them. I can smell the bacon from here.

Fun fact: Tennessee is now 0-6 in SEC play with their closest defeat of 8 points to Georgia way back in early October. They have Vandy at home this week and are the underdogs. UNDERDOGS to fucking Vandy at home! Hilarious.

It's actually humorous to see how bad Tennessee and Florida are coached these days. They use to have great coaching with incredible talent. Now with the likes of Dooley, Muschamp, and Weis running the shows they are a complete disaster. There is no good reason for both of those programs to be this bad. Their offenses are horrifying to say the least. Both need coaching changes. I've heard JoePa is available.