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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SI Cover Says It All: "Kickin' Sweet Live Ass"

Via Dan Patrick

Umm. Forget about what I said about the Pro Combat Uniforms. Navy's Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Are Tight.

As I just posted my distaste for the Ohio State's Nike Pro Combat uniforms I came upon the Naval Academy's uniform they will be wearing against Army this year and all I can say is WOW. These Navy uniforms are incredible. I love the white helmet with the gold anchor on it. These uniforms really pop and I dig the "Don't Tread On Me" slogan on the uniform. Nike did a great job on these bad boys and if they want they can send me some free shit for giving them a plug. I know they gotta be hurting for business. Anything to help out the little guys right?

Via DCSportsBlog

Ohio State Is Bringing Out the Power Ranger Uniforms Too

Come on Nike. These "Pro Combat" uniforms have to stop. They are disgraceful. This is almost a carbon copy of those hideous ones Georgia wore against Boise State. I know Jacory Harris is starting for Miami but I think I might have to bet on the Hurricanes just because the Buckeyes will be wearing these god awful uniforms. Plus I lost money last week on Ohio State for not covering against Toledo so the smart money is to go with Miami at home.

EDIT: Shit nevermind about the Miami game. Buckeyes are wearing these October 29th vs Wisconsin.

If Sebastian Janikowski Doesn't Date Rape This 63 Yarder I Lose My Bet

I had a heavy bet on the over at 42 on the Raiders/Broncos game last night and I thought it would be a really safe bet. But the betting gods have a weird way of fucking with you. Luckily last night they were kind and probably felt bad for another shitty football weekend for myself. Janikoswki just flat out GHBed this kick last night. Tied a NFL record too at 63 yards right before halftime. If he doesn't hit it then I don't get the over. Thanks Seabass.

Ron Jaworski aka Jaws Drops a Shitbomb on Monday Night Football

Fuck yeah Jaws. The twitter world blew up last night when Ron Jaworski said "shit" and I got to be completely honest: I was watching and didn't even notice it. It's probably because every other word out of my mouth is either fuck, shit, cock, or asshole so I'm immune to being shocked by it. But whatever. Jaws said a naughty word and will probably be lynched for it.

Thank You Tom Brady and Wes Walker for the free money

I gotta admit I was getting a little nervous last night with my Patriots -8 pick. Tom Brady was shredding an awful Miami defense but it took this huge 99 yard TD pass to Wes Walker to pretty much clinch the winning bet. Basically it was a 6th round draft pick to an undrafted free agent for a NFL record to secure my $100. I'll take it anyway I can get it.

Also big thanks to Darren McFadden for ripping off 150 yards last night and getting the Raiders the win and the over on the points vs the Broncos. I went 4-0 last night with my NFL picks and I give them to you for FREE. FREE. So if you want to thank me please buy a shirt or send me some flowers or shit like that. I deserve it and my arm is about to fall asleep trying to pat myself on the back.