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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ocho Cinco hanging with Stifler and the rest of the American Pie Cast

If you are not following Ocho Cinco on Twitter do yourself a favor and do it now. The player formerly known as Chad Johnson has done pretty much everything during the NFL Lockout. He rode a bull for about a split second. He tried out for a MLS Soccer team. He even wanted to wrestle alligators.

And now apparently he is on the set of a new American Pie movie here in Atlanta. The guy is definitely making the most out of the current lockout by getting his name in the public and making some cash on the side. I wouldn't doubt if he stole his scene or scenes in American Pie 3 or 4? I have no clue which one they are on now.

The 33-year-old potential free agent should be picked up by the Falcons once the lockout ends. Obviously Matt Ryan has All-Pro targets in WR Roddy White and TE Tony Gonzalez along with incoming rookie WR Julio Jones but Cinco could be a good third receiver for the Falcons if he is willing to accept the role. As long as they can get him for cheap and still get some free agent defenders I would have no problem with Ocho Cinco wearing the red and black next season.

Notre Dame Football 2011 Video

If this video doesn't get the blood pumping for this fall then I don't know what to tell ya other than you are a soulless bastard who should go rooting for a dying program like USC.

The Fighting Irish are back! You know the team that actually fights for every yard on the field and doesn't take shit from anybody.

I can't wait to see Cierre Wood running circles around defenders by putting that little juke on and taking it to the house.

I can't wait to see Manti Te'o rip off the tailback's helmet against South Florida come September.

I can't wait to see head coach Brian Kelly have the boys inspired and ready to come out and destroy teams like Michigan and USC in 2011.

Fuck I just can't wait for football season to get here!