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Friday, April 08, 2011

Typical Red Sox Fan Reacts to 0-6 Start

Those poor New England bastards. They have one little losing streak to start off the season and all of a sudden they start freaking out and make rant videos while masturbating with both hands. the Red Sox fans not have any dignity? It's one thing to be mad at how the season has started. I get it. Everyone including myself had Boston in the World Series. But right now just because you sit 5 games back of the first place ORIOLES after 6 games of play doesn't mean you need to go on Youtube and make masturbation videos while screaming bloody murder about how much you suck. Listen, we know Red Sox Nation is an insufferable bunch of mashed up assholes. But the season is only about 3.7% finished. You still got 96% of your season left. It's the equivalent of a Patriots fan freaking out because you started off with a bad first half. Calm the fuck down....and please stop masturbating.

Video via BarStoolSports