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Friday, October 12, 2012

Every Fan of College Football

This was way better than the MLB version. The Clemson and BYU ones cracked me up.

Every Fan of Major League Baseball

Bravo sir. Bravo.

Nun Stealing Beer

This Nun is clearly an Alex Rodriguez fan. Just stealing and acting like it's no big deal.

Via ExtraMustard

The Orioles Won't Back Down To The Yankees

The Orioles have resorted to throwing bats at Joba Chamberlain! Ok that's not the truth. But if you watched last night's 13 inning game nerve wrecker you will have noticed that the Orioles have no intention of backing down to the mighty New York Yankees. Joba got hit on his pitching elbow by Matt Wieter's broken off bat and had to come out of the game. This time the Yankees couldn't get two Raul Ibanez homers to pull off a miracle. Today they get a deciding game 5 with these two teams having evenly split their first 22 games. CC takes the mound for the Yankees and the Orioles will trot out Jason Hammel. I got money on the Orioles and not just because I'm a fan. This team is resilient and expects to win. The Orioles pitching has been outstanding. It will continue tonight. Orioles win 4-3.