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Monday, July 11, 2016

Another Bizarre Commitment Scene: FSU Gets RB Khalan Laborn in a Lamborghini

Yeah I don't think the NCAA or FSU compliance is going to be looking into this commitment at all.  4-star RB Khalan "Lambo" Laborn showed up to Nike's The Opening Camp in Oregon this weekend driving a Lamborghini with FSU stickers on it.  Nothing suspicious at all to see here folks.  Move it along.

Gotta hand it to FSU on this one.  If you wanna compete with the likes of the SEC you gotta pay good money for talent.  And Laborn is a legit talent.

Now I am going to wait for the next big commitment move.  Maybe somebody will shoot out JoePa's ashes out of a cannon for a cool Penn State commitment.  Or do a big line of coke off a hooker on a boat for Miami!  The possibilities are endless!