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Monday, November 25, 2013

Florida Gators are doing great

This picture sums up your 2013 Florida Gators football team...

On Saturday the shit hit the fan again as the once mighty Florida Gators lost at home to Georgia Southern.  A Georgia Southern team which already had 4 losses and only attempted 3 passes the whole game while completing none.  And they still lost.  How Will Muschamp still has a job right now is beyond me?  Muschamp is worse than Lane Kiffin.  Not as a human being but as a coach.  There is no good reason why Florida should be 4-7 with a blowout loss coming this weekend against rival Florida State.  Don't give me the injury excuse.  You should still be able to beat a FCS team which has 30 less scholarship players on their roster at the Swamp.  Athletic director Jeremy Foley is standing by Muschamp which is not admirable in this situation.  It's going to cost him his job too.  And while I agree college football is cyclical you don't stick with a coach who has no idea how to be a great head coach when you are at a program like Florida.

Cut the fat Florida.  Or you will continue to block your own guys while losing to programs like Georgia Southern.