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Friday, January 08, 2010


Congralutions go out to the Alabama Crimson Tide team and their fans on a well deserved National Title. I think it was clear last night that God had money on Alabama covering the spread because he knocked out Texas QB Colt McCoy with a shoulder injury at the start of the game. With McCoy in there I think Texas wins. With the win Alabama wins their 8th consensus National Championship (the other 5 Bama claims are about as significant as my mid afternoon shit, the smell rotten more than anything) and now all the fans from other SEC schools can claim this championship as their own. Which is fucking stupid by the way and proves that most SEC fans are either inbred or George Bush. Just because the Yankees won another championship last year doesn't make me proud the AL East is the "toughest" division in baseball as an Orioles fan. Seriously people. Go drink your Moonshine and realize that Alabama winning a championship only helps them and actually hurts your favorite SEC team.