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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Joe Paterno is Done at Penn State

The New York Times is reporting that Joe Paterno (who cancelled his press conference today) is out at Penn State and will begun an exit strategy for the once legendary football coach.

Hmm, an exit strategy eh? How about having each one of Jerry Sandusky's victims delivering a swift kick to JoePa's fat fucking nose and face as he leaves his office in disgust. It's basically being nice to a guy who protected a pedophile for so long and continued to let the piece of shit on campus up to last week while covering his ass.

Growing up I always thought of JoePa as a member of the mafia. He just seemed sleazy to me. But even the mafia has morals and they wouldn't let one of their own rape boys without having him 6 feet under a turnpike.

In conclusion: Mafia>JoePa's legacy

Matt Millen Cries On ESPN

I know some people will make fun of Matt Millen because he cried on air but it's not right. The guy is devastated because his alma mater Penn State bred, raised, and pretty much covered their asses for a pedophile. That in itself is even more shameful then his GM tenure in Detroit. Is that possible? Yep.

Charlie Strong Crowd Surfing In The Louisville Locker Room

And this one of the many things that makes college football so great. It's about passion and when you see Louisville head coach Charlie Strong going ape shit after their upset win over West Virginia on Saturday I can't help but get the chills. Grown men acting like kids. Awesome.

Via SBNation


The boxing world lost one of the greats yesterday when Philly's own Smokin' Joe Frazier passed away after a short battle with liver cancer at the age of 67. Frazier was a true champion and was one of the few guys who would not back down from Muhammed Ali and in fact beat him in the Fight of the Century. He couldn't ever escape Ali's huge shadow despite going 41 rounds with him and never giving an inch to Ali including their last fight with the "Thrilla in Manila" that went 14 rounds. It's amazing how champions like Frazier who could fight his whole life for everything they got but yet can not beat a disease like cancer. The same with Steve Jobs who had all the money in the world but couldn't beat it. In conclusion cancer sucks. All of it. Hopefully someday it goes down for the count for good.

Notre Dame Introduces Another New Helmet

Yesterday Notre Dame introduced their 4th helmet of the 2011 season with the new "Shamrock Series" helmet they will wear versus Maryland this Saturday. The shamrock is a little bit bigger than the ones they wore versus Michigan and the gold is the new one they introduced versus USC. Personally I think they look great. I've always wondered why they haven't switched up the helmets in the past and now it appears Notre Dame is getting with the times and introducing new "cool" helmets that will get people to notice them including recruits. I also like the facemasks. It's not the usual grey masks they've worn since forever but instead it's a dark green. Sharp looking helmet and I can't wait to see Louis Nix (pictured above) smashing Terps this Saturday with it on.