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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Florida Marlins Hot Tub Shot

Interesting view from down the line eh? The Florida Marlins might not get a lot of fans to attend but they aren't suffering from under exposure when it comes to tan lines. I'm thinking there are leather faces on the flip side because I don't see any of the Marlins bullpen turned around staring. And trust Marlins games aren't that interesting to begin with. I'm getting flashbacks from the old lady from "There's Something About Mary."

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USC Suspends Marc Tyler One Game Without Pay

It's fairly obvious he was hammered and joking around when USC starting tailback Marc Tyler made these comments to TMZ last week but it was no laughing matter to head coach Lane Kiffin and AD Pat Hayden. They have agreed to suspend him from all team activities indefinitely and he will sit at least the first game out vs Minnesota for his senior season.

Tyler led the Trojans with 913 yards rushing last season. He also leads the Trojans in the all important category of "spitting on females and groping them while intoxicated." Tyler will strive to seek help from ex-Trojans such as Mark Sanchez who has gone on to the NFL and screwed underage girls.

Tyler is making the Trojan Nation proud. One drunk incident after another.

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