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Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Now this is a realistic commercial...


Last night started off with scoring some free seats to the Atlanta Braves game. These weren't just normal seats. They were a few rows behind the Philadelphia Phillies dugout. We were so close to the action you could actually smell Cole Hamel's lower labia. Don't ask me how the upper one smells because it is way too long of a story. The first great sight was to see neither of Yunel Escobar or Kelly Johnson in the starting lineup. As you know both have contributed mightily to bringing down the Braves with their bonehead decisions of late and both needed to ride the pine and feel what it is like to watch the game next to Bobby Cox.

My dad sent me a text message right after the first pitch. "Prado is starting...finally." I replied to him to not worry, Bobby would find someway to bring in Johnson before his first AB. See I have major issues when it comes to Escobar and my dad has the same inner demons when it comes to Johnson. We are on the same wavelength that both of these guys bring down the Braves worst than Jeff Francoeur swinging at pitches at his eyes. At least Frenchy appears to be trying at all times. We are old school and that is really all you can ask for.

But anyways, on to starting second baseman Martin Prado. Prado finally got the start and showed he belonged. 4 hits and 4 RBI's including a homerun and the walk-off RBI single in the 10th frame. The Ted was rocking and Braves fans were going nuts. I high fived my wife and everybody around me as soon as Matt Diaz crossed home plate with the game winning run. It was a much needed victory over the rival Phillies and moved them within 4 games of the division leader. I looked back to my buddy Doug who was sitting behind us and gave him the thumbs up. We both were happy yet exhausted. The Braves haven't had many easy games this season and after Mike Gonzalez came in the 8th and gave up two solo homeruns it looked like the Braves were again going to be on the wrong side. It's been their story for 2009. Good to great starting pitching was provided once again by Derek Lowe only to see 3 runs put on the board before the 8th inning. Come to think of it 3 runs is about all the Braves scored in the series against the Red Sox. But enough of the negatives. They won and Prado's teammates came rushing out on the field to congratulate him. Great win for the Bravos.

As I was leaving the field I managed to look up at the out of town scoreboard. Red Sox 10, Orioles 1 in the 7th inning. FUCK! The Boston Bandwagoners have had the Orioles number for some time now. In fact the Orioles had yet to beat the Red Sox in 2009 thanks to blowing a 7 run lead earlier this year in what became known as the Mother's Day massacre. My hope as I walked out of The Ted was that the Orioles would manage to score some runs to at least make the final outcome look respectable. I wasn't going to let the Orioles ruin my happiness that the Braves just provided. But of course being the degenerate I am I followed the game on my wife's iphone as we drove back home on the SportsTap application. Soon enough it was 10-5 as Oscar freaking Salazar hits a 3 run homerun as soon as we pull in the drive way. I'm telling myself we got a chance and yet still I don't want to set myself up for the disappointment of another loss. Fuck it, I run upstairs and turn on the game. It's now 10-9 Red Sox and Camden Yards is rocking with leaches of Red Sox fans and Orioles die hards hoping to pull off the miracle. Nick the Stick Markakis comes up against Jonathan Papelbon. Markakis is 0-7 against Papelbon. Doesn't matter. Nick rocks a fastball to left centerfield for a game winning 2 RBI double.

The greatest comeback victory in Orioles history. 9 runs down in the 7th only to comeback and have George Sherrill aka Flat Breezy close it out by striking out Jason Bay in the 9th. HELL YEAH! Papelblown looks confused. The Orioles look ecstatic. I'm bouncing off the fucking walls.

A great night to be a baseball fan for this guy. Can't wait to do it all over again today.