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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Notre Dame and Under Armour Reveal the New 2014 Shamrock Series Jersey and Helmet

The official Under Armour jersey for the Notre Dame Shamrock Series has been revealed and it should appeal to the masses.  It's specifically based upon the Golden Dome that sits in the middle of campus is the iconic symbol of Notre Dame.  They look sharp and it's a good thing they are playing Purdue in the game and not Navy because we would have a ton of confused spectators including myself.

I love the helmet!  I've always wanted to see the interlocking ND on the gold helmets.  The texture of the Golden Dome incorporated in the helmet is a good touch.

What do you think about the new jerseys and helmet?

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Johnny Manziel Gives the Redskins Bench The Old One Finger Salute

Real mature Johnny Football.  Real mature.

Honestly I don't know what to make of Manziel giving the Washington Redskins sideline the middle finger last night during Monday Night Football.  I mean did he honestly think the cameras wouldn't see it?  He can't be that stupid can he?  Which leads me to believe this was a premeditated finger.  He played like dog shit last night when he had the chance to lock down the starter's job because Brian Hoyer was fucking horrific too and he let the Redskins get to him.  Rookie move bro.  Gotta be smarter.  The only place your digit should be going to is road beef and under your center's ass.  Not to the whole world to see on Monday Night Football.  This is completely out of character for Manziel too.  If anything from the last two years we have learned Manziel is a very humble, down to earth hard worker who just wants his privacy while listening to his head coach on how to become a better leader.