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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


No, he hasn't given away his Heisman quite yet, but it is not looking good for Reggie Bush when it comes to the court of public appearance.

Reggie Bush failed to show up for a scheduled deposition on Monday, the latest twist in the civil lawsuit against the former Heisman Trophy winner who allegedly accepted cash and gifts from sports marketers during his sophomore and junior seasons at Southern California.

"He literally ran from his deposition," said Brian Watkins, the attorney for sports marketer Lloyd Lake, who is suing Bush.

Watkins said he received a fax from one of Bush's attorneys saying the New Orleans Saints' running back wouldn't be coming.

We know that Bush is pretty much guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in at least one department when it comes to the ladies:

I think the NCAA should grow some balls and strip away the Trojan's wins during the Bush period to at least get them to start talking. Bush, his family, his lawyers, and USC are rightfully and logically not going to say shit to hurt themselves unless someone threatens them with forfeits and stripping away his Heisman Trophy. Like the steroid era I'm tired of people dragging this garbage out and not confessing to doing what they did wrong. Everyone knows that MLB players were using performance enhancers just like everyone knows Bush took a lot of money while playing ball at USC.

Bush could at least gain some respect back, albeit a little, by just saying he fucked up and got greedy and took gifts and money like a lot of us would in his situation. He also could have avoided all this by cutting and weaving by giving Lloyd Lake his money back a long time ago. In other words Bush is an idiot. A rich one who could turn out to be like Michael Vick when all is said and done.

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The Atlanta Thrashers officially hit the last nail in the 2008 season coffin when they traded eventual unrestricted free agent forwards Marian Hossa and Pascal Dupuis to the Pittsburgh Penguins for Colby Armstrong, Erik Christiansen, Angelo Esposito and a 2008 1st round draft pick. Usually I would be piss as a fan to lose a player with the skills of a Hossa but I think this is the best deal the Atlanta Thrashers franchise could get considering the circumstances.

Hossa was not going to resign with the Thrashers plain and simple. Him and his agent's stiff armed GM/head coach Don Waddell all season and last offseason when talks of an extension came up on the Thrasher's part. To get a guy like Armstrong in Atlanta is a huge plus because he is still young(25) and is a gritty tough player who could really blossom in Atlanta playing with a player like Ilya Kovalchuk. I'm really looking forward to seeing Armstrong lay down the lumber when somebody comes after Kovy. Something like this will suffice...

Or maybe another hit like this on Jeff Carter...

Yes, I can get used to seeing this from a team like the Thrashers that has always been considered "soft" by most NHL pundits. Christensen is another young winger(24) who also should continue to mature and thrive with more playing time in Atlanta. The center is unbelievable when it comes to shootouts. Take a look...

The Thrashers also picked up a young kid in Esposito who is playing in the minors after being drafted in the first round last year by the Pengiuns. Esposito was considered a steal last year at pick #20 when many scouts and GM's had him pegged for a top 5 pick. At only 19 he will probably be playing with the Chicago Wolves of the AHL starting next season unless he impresses in camp and makes the Thrashers roster.

The Thrashers picking up a first round pick is huge considering they traded all theirs away last year when picking up veterans to make a playoff push. In the end this was a great trade for the Thrashers and in all likelihood saves Don Waddell's ass for at least this offseason. The Thrashers will also have plenty of cap room with Hossa now gone and could make a bid for a big-time free agent this offseason.


About ten minutes ago I honestly had no idea Sergei Federov was still playing NHL hockey. I figured Anna Kournikova had him locked away with a ball gag in some cellar down in Miami. But never the less I have come to find out he isn't Anna's gimp anymore but is instead a brand new/dried up fading Vodka of a player now playing on the Washington Capitals.

February 26, TSN: The Columbus Blue Jackets have traded centre Sergei Fedorov to the Washington Capitals for prospect Theo Ruth.
Fedorov is in the final year of a five-year, $40 million contract and will become an unrestricted free agent this summer.

He has 469 goals and 663 assists in 17 seasons in the NHL.

The speedy Russian had a career-high 56 goals and 120 points for the Detroit Red Wings in 1993-94, when he won the Hart Trophy as the league's MVP.

He now becomes the fourth winger from the USSR on the Capitals joining the likes of Alexander Ovechkin, Alexander Semin, and Viktor Kozlov. I guess we have a new "Cold War" on the ice now so to speak and it should be entertaining to see how they all play together. Not nearly as entertaining though as an Anna K leaked sex tape which the whole world has been waiting for the past decade. Seriously Anna, do the world a favor and make your beautiful self newsworthy again. At least do it for all the teenage boys/lonely bloggers out there who have nothing better to do.


The Houston Rockets have been hotter than Britney Spears chlamydia lately winning 12 straight with Yao Ming taking over in the process by averaging over 22 points and providing stellar defense while pushing Houston to 7th in the Western Conference. But all the good news took a turn for the worse today when learning Ming is out for the rest of the season with chlamydia...just kidding, he has never come in contact with Britney, he has a stress fracture in his left foot.

Yao has a stress fracture in his left foot that likely will require season-ending surgery. Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey announced the decision on Tuesday.

The Rockets' team physician said that the injury usually requires four months to heal if it isn't treated surgically. If it's treated surgically, recovery time is from three to four months.

"This is unbelievable," Rockets owner Les Alexander told KRIV-TV in Houston. "This is the most heart-breaking. This is the worst I've felt."

Granted I don't follow too much NBA Basketball because it gets in the way of my yoga class but were the Rockets really a contender out in the ridiculously difficult Western Conference? I mean sure if they were in the Eastern Conference they would probably be a #1 seed but the Western has the likes of the Lakers, Spurs, Mavericks, and Suns who would all dominate and destroy any of those vaginal sores of teams out East. Personally if I were a Houston fan I would blame all of this on Roger Clemens who just happened to arrive at Astros Spring Training camp the same day Ming goes down with a stress fracture. I bet some injections in the ass would help cure a troublesome stress fracture for the big guy. But Rocket doesn't know anything about that, we will have to ask Debbie Clemens for advice.