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Wednesday, December 02, 2009


The hiatus is over and now it is time to get back to business. Or as Tiger Woods would say, "I want prenup!" So much has happened in the sports world since Thanksgiving. I got the chance to shake Charlie Weis hand as he left Stanford Stadium and told him thanks for all the effort. Notre Dame shit the tank in November, again, and Weis is now gone with a whole bunch of coaches already auditioning their denials in interest in taking the best job opening in college football. It will come down to Bob Stoops or Brian Kelly. Either way I will be extremely happy. Stoops has the offer on the table. If he doesn't take it this week then Kelly will next week. Notre Dame will be a much better all-around team in 2010 with Kelly at the helm.

Tiger Woods saw his reputation go to shit as females galore came out of the witness mistress protection program. His wife Elin decided his clubbing in Las Vegas and other places with other women was not on her hot nanny list for hunny do list and decided to take her own club to the back of his Escalade. I'm pretty sure she beats the shit out of him. This whole Tiger cheating thing was obvious before all the shit hit the fan. Rich athletes cheat on their wives. It's a fact of life. They have women throwing themselves at them constantly on the road. It's called "road beef" and every single athlete who has a pulse caves and I'm not about to say Tiger is an asshole for cheating on his wife. But he is an asshole for getting married in the first place. He should have done the Derek Jeter/George Clooney and gone out and banged as much ass and then settle down when your dick is as dead as a Pete Carroll hooker. This all just proves that Tiger is indeed human and he fucks up like all of us. If anybody is an asshole in this whole situation it is Jesper Parnevik. He had Elin as his nanny for his kids before introducing her to Tiger and now he says this shit...

Parnevik said Woods, "should think a little bit more before you do stuff,'' adding, "and maybe not just do it, like Nike says.

"I feel ... sorry for Elin, since me and my wife are at fault, hooking her up with him. We probably thought he was a better guy than he is.''

Parnevik sounds like some douchebag politician who secretly fondles little boys while saying gay marriage is the devil's work. I really can't wait till TMZ busts Parnevik with infidelity. You know that no talent assclown dresser has banged his fair share of toothless hags while on the road.

The SEC Championship is this weekend along with the Big 12 Championship. I have my fingers crossed with Nebraska pulling the upset over Texas. It's not because I hate Texas. In fact I kind of like Texas and Mack Brown. It's because I want to see TCU get into the BCS Title game. I believe they could hang with Alabama or Florida and bring an even bigger case that teams not in the BCS Conferences can compete with the big boys. Plus we need a fucking playoff so this would only help the case.