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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Strong of Heart - Manti Te'o

How can you not root for a kid like Manti Te'o?  Yes I am a Notre Dame homer but this kid has to go down as one of the best ever to run out of that tunnel to the hollowed grounds of Notre Dame.  As good as he is on the field he is by all accounts a better person off of it.  The Heisman Trophy is suppose to go the most outstanding college football player in the nation who also exemplifies character.  Te'o is the best player in college football right now.  At the very least he deserves to get an invite to New York City as one of the finalists.  He's the ultimate leader and teammate and decided to bypass the millions from the NFL to finish what he started at Notre Dame.  And he is the best player on the field on any given Saturday.  HE IS MANti.