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Tuesday, November 05, 2013


We are finally back!  We had to move the SportsCrack headquarters up to the burbs and in the meantime AT&T U-Verse kept throwing us devastating Navy chop blocks to the back of our legs with delays reaching a month for service.  So we threw a hail mary over to Comcast and the fuckers came down with the catch.  Thank God.  I started questioning my own sexuality being in the dark so long.  I felt like I was in solitary coming off a heroin addiction.  You question everything in life when you don't have cable or internet for over two weeks.  I wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy.  Actually I would.  Michigan you can have it.

Anyways I'm starting to catch up with my college football.  I missed a couple of key games but I managed to read up on them.  Here are my top 10 teams.

1.  Bama - Until the champ goes down you have to put them up at the top.  I know people are already starting to bitch and moan about their schedule being too easy but it really it isn't.  It's just that Bama is that fucking good.  They get LSU this week which should give them their biggest challenge yet.

2.  Oregon - The Ducks were off last week to prepare for their HUGE Thursday night game vs Stanford.  Last year the Nerds beat them 17-14 in Eugene on their way to a PAC-12 Championship.  This year Scoregon will be looking to get some revenge in Palo Alto.

3.  FSU - Famous Jameis and the Semenholes look like the FSU of old.  They got their swagger back and have run over two...clears throat..."Top 10" teams in convincing fashion.  I don't see them losing another game this season unless Winston gets hurt.  Yes, the Seminoles are back.

4.  Ohio State - Urban Meyer still has not lost a game in Columbus and he probably won't all season.  The only problem is their schedule is the fattest piece of cake you will ever consume for a major BCS conference team.  They are going to need a lot of help to leap into the top 2 of the BCS Standings.

5.  Baylor - The Bears are my Cinderella team.  I'm pulling for them big time.  I couldn't even tell you where Baylor is located on the map of Texas but I do know their offense is right up there with the best in the nation behind the gun slinger Bryce Petty.  They get Oklahoma this Thursday.  Win it and there is a great chance they leapfrog Ohio State in the standings.

6.  Stanford - I still can't believe this team lost to fucking Utah.  The Utes?  Good lord.  They had one bad game and still had a chance to win it so I got them up in the rankings as the best one-loss team.  They get a chance to defend their PAC-12 title this Thursday with Marcus Mariota and Oregon coming into Palo Alto.

7.  Missouri - Mizzou is right there with Stanford in my opinion.  They had no business losing to South Carolina.  They fucking choked.  Still kills me because I was hoping to see two undefeated teams battle in the SEC Championship for a right to the BCS Title.  The Tigers did bounce back big time last week with a convincing win vs Tennessee.  They should destroy Kentucky on Saturday.

8.  Auburn - Besides Mizzou these Tigers are the biggest surprise in the SEC.  Last year they struggled to go 3-9.  This year they are sitting at 8-1 with winnable games vs Tennessee and Georgia before the Iron Bowl.  Head coach Gus Malzahn has done a remarkable job.

9.  Michigan State - They held Michigan to -48 yards.  Hilarious.  The nation's most stout defense has only one loss on their resume (tough road game at Notre Dame) and are sitting in a great spot to win the "Legends" division of the Big Ten and face Ohio State in the championship game.  Could they somehow squeeze into the National Title discussion?  No but it is fun watching them dominate teams with their defense.

10.  Texas A&M - Yes I know they got two losses but both of the games they could have won.  I also think they would destroy Miami and Clemson so I can't honestly put those teams over the Aggies in the rankings despite have one less loss.  Johnny Football can sign off on this ranking.