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Friday, October 03, 2008


Stanford Cardinal offensive lineman Chris Marinelli (pictured right) was asked what he thought of Notre Dame and their defensive schemes going into Saturday. Apparently he doesn't think too highly of their defense or anything or anybody for that matter who even associates with Notre Dame according to the Rock Report....

"They are going to bring a great deal of blitzes – on first down, second down, third down, every down. All kinds of guys and they bring it a bunch of different wayy... but on the same token it's going to go bad for them at one point and we are going to gash the (expletive) out of them, I promise you that. So keep bringing it, keep bringing it. They have one sack all year on 200 blitzes."

"They can keep bringing all the stuff they want", Marinelli added. "We can pick up blitzes. Our defense, blitzes more than anyone in the country, too. So we are ready for that. That's no big deal.

"We've seen everything they've shown on tape. We've seen it before, it's nothing new. They are very disciplined with what they do, which kinda makes it nice. Sometimes when they screw up, it works out better for the defense. We aren't too worried about, we are a uniform group and we'll slide right in there."

"I hate it, playing up there," Marinelli said. "The field, excuse my language, the field sucks. The stadium sucks. I think the area sucks."

"I grew up with a bunch of Irish and Italian Catholic people back home. And all the Irish Catholic people, all they talk about is Notre Dame this, Notre Dame that. And they've never even been there, ya know. So I hate those guys, I hate that school.

"We are going out there to mash them up and that's all there is to it."

If Notre Dame ever needed motivation or bulletin board material going into a home game against the Stanford Trees then Marinelli more than provided it. Usually I don't get too upset with player comments to the media because sometimes they can be taken out of context or misconstrued. This is certainly not the case.

"FUCK MARINELLI!" is what I'm thinking right now. It's more than obvious the kid has no respect for Notre Dame so it's now up to guys like Mo Crum, Brian Smith, and David Bruton to shut his mouth and destroy Stanford in front of a national audience. Notre Dame football needs to make a statement in which they will not take any shit talking especially from some kid who plays for fucking Stanford.

Put Marinelli in his place tomorrow Fighting Irish. I look forward to seeing the Irish celebrate a victory in grand style tomorrow while also shutting up Marinelli and Stanford thus earning back some respect by blowing them out as soon as they come out of the tunnel.